When Mutual Fund Investor Makes Money?

Posted by Grace under Investing on January 22, 2016

Know when a mutual fund investor makes money out of buying mutual fund shares. The guide on how can investors make profits in mutual funds investing. Mutual funds investing is very easy. You can do it through mutual fund companies. When choosing mutual fund companies, you should investigate and make a further research about the services they are giving to their clients.

Although, investing money in mutual funds can be done easily, not all investors are making money. It is because they did not choose the right mutual fund type for them, or they don’t know how to find the best performing mutual funds.


When Mutual Fund Investor Makes Money?

A mutual fund investor will make money if he will sell his shares at a high price. The investors should be aware about the NAVPS or the net asset value per share.

Assuming you bought 100 shares in a specific mutual fund type in a price of $2 per share. The NAVPS today is $2. You will spend $200 for 100 shares. (Note: There are fees to be consider like sales load). For the sake of calculating and explaining when mutual fund investor makes money, let’s take it a simple example.

After few years, the NAVPS (net asset value per share) is $4. If you have 100 shares, your mutual fund shares market value is now $400.

When Mutual Fund Investor Makes More Money?

A mutual fund investor will make more money if he will keep on buying shares every month and wait until the NAVPS increase. You can invest in mutual fund using dollar cost averaging.

A mutual fund investor will make more money if he will invest for long term growth. In our above example, the NAVPS turned from $2 to $4. That means, your money was doubled. As an investor, you don’t just want to double your money, you want them to accumulate. Instead of just doubling your money, try to reinvest your money.

In mutual funds, reinvesting your profits is easy. In mutual funds investing, compounding interest is automatic. Maybe you asked, which is better investing in stocks or mutual funds? Take some time to read mutual funds vs. stocks.

Carefully invest your money. Although a mutual fund investor make money, there are also possibilities that he will lose money. To avoid losing money in mutual funds and other types of investment, you need to diversify your assets through effective asset allocation strategy.

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