What’s the Good Rate of Return on Investment?

Posted by Grace under Investing on August 21, 2015

Want to know what’s a good rate of return on investment? A reader asked, what’s a good return on investment? In his letter to InvestmentTotal.com. I am making 3% rate of return per month. Is this a good investment? How many months should I keep on investing to double my money? I don’t want to disclose which investment I am into. Thank you for your response.From: Franklyn C. – Boston MA, USA

Date: April 10, 2015 8:23 p.m. EST


Good Rate of Return on Investment

Response: You are putting your investment capital in a high risk. You should investigate until you will earned that interest. Is it good for 5 years or forever? Or just a few months. There are many investment scams online and offline. Beware to these types of investment offers. If you are sure to this investment, you found “gold”. Not all investment vehicles can make that rate or ROI.

Making 3% per month interest is probably a good rate of return on investment. The reader is asking if that is a good investment but don’t want to disclose the investment offers. We can say that he get into trouble someday. Let just wish him good luck.

Stocks Can Give You a Good Rate of Return on Investment

A rate of return of 36% per year is a good return on investment. If he is making 3% per month that means he is making 36% per year, right? His investment capital will double after 2 years. it will double his money if (a big IF) the investment offer continue to earn 3% and not a scam.

It’s your turn guys to suggest what to do to this type of investment offers. 36% per year is a good rate return on investment. Leave a comment and share your thoughts and opinions. Thank you!

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