What Would You Do if You Got Scammed?

Posted by Guest Author under Investing on July 9, 2016

What would you do if you got scammed? Share your answer below! A reader asked a question via email, Tommy asked what would you do if you got scammed and you just found it after you send the money to the scammer? Who are the scammer anyway? And how can you know that a person who offers investment opportunities are just scammer?

From time to time, we are sharing tips and tricks on how to spot investment scam here in InvestmentTotal.com, the tricks to spot the investment scam are as follows;


  • The investment offers should be from a legitimate company and the company who offers the opportunity are registered to the securities and exchange commission.
  • The investment offers low interest rates. A considerable 8% per year is ideal. if the investment offers more than that, think twice.

What Would You Do if You Got Scammed?

What’s the best thing to do if you just found out you got scammed? Maybe you forgot the ways to spot investment scam Or the scammer is expert to make you as his another victim. So, what would you do?

Answer: If I were you, I will not tell anyone that I got scammed. Why? It is because, that will prove you are not financially literate. It is so shameful if other people found out you are a victim of scammer. Duh! You have your own mind, use it.

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Secondly, if you think it is good to let the authority knows about it, then file a report. File a case. If you are wise enough, you kept the documents or proof of transaction to the scammer. But believe me, you will never see the scammer a again. Scammers knows how to hide their selves to their victims and to the authority.

Report the Scammer Immediately

Honestly, if you think the investment offer is just a scam. Report it immediately. The big problem is that you will never know that a scam is just a scam if you the person is still having a communication with you. And the big problem is, when the scammer lure you to his false promises like “great profits”, “easy money”, “fast return on investment”, etc.

Always remember that a scammer will do and say anything to you just to make a quick profit. They are very good in making fraudulent business online. They used emails, situations and investment offers.

Word of Caution: Never send money to someone you don’t really know.

What Would You Do if You Got Scammed

Cover Your Losses, Earn It

It’s a big mistake to believe in a scammer. Why in the first place you got scammed? It is because you are not getting informed about frauds and scams. The best thing to do now is to cover your losses. Forget about you got scammed. You will just become depressed.

It is now the time to learn financial literacy and investing. After you learned investing, take action. Choose at least one of the investment instruments like stocks, mutual funds, bonds or unit investment trust funds.

If You Got Scammed, You Learned Something

If you got scammed, you should learned from that experiences. The second time you will invest your money, you should now be more careful by searching, investigating and asking questions to investment experts before you invest.

Also, the lessons to learn when you got scammed is simple. That, investing is not a rocket science. Getting rich is not a rocket science. It takes wisdom, courage and skills to succeed financially. Learn from your investing mistakes. Equip yourself with lot of knowledge and skills in investing and personal finance.

If you are very desperate to get rich FAST, you are very prone to be the next victim of investment scam. So be careful. Stay tuned to InvestmentTotal.com especially our topics on scams and frauds.

What about you? If you were Tommy, what would you do if you got scammed? Do you have an experienced of getting scammed before? Share your story in the comment box below.

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