What is Prosperity?

Posted by Grace under Life Hacks on March 23, 2016

What is prosperity? What does prosperity mean? Have you ever asked yourself the meaning and definition of prosperity? Do you have the plan to prosper? If so, do you know the tips on how to prosper in life? There are many people who consider their life as prosperous when they have plenty of food in their dining table. Some people consider their lives as prosperous when they have a fat bank account, a luxury car, a grand mansion and a comfortable life.

For me, you are prosperous if your wealth is a blessing to other. If you think you have no enough money and thinking you are in “shortage”, that’s why you are not giving or donating, you are not in prosperity.


If you are financially successful, does it mean you are prosperous? Are you dreaming of “the good life”, a good fortune? Do you want to have plenty of money? If you already have what you always desire or wants in life, does it mean you are living a life in prosperity?

What is Prosperity According to Bible

According to bible, in Proverbs 28:8 ESV, prosperity is

Whoever multiplies his wealth by interest and profit gathers it for him who is generous to the poor.

Prosperity means “wealth”. However, like the bible said, you are prosperous if you have the heart of generosity. If you are kind and give your wealth to the poor and needy, you are prosperous. This simply means, you think you have plenty and you will never be in shortage of money. That’s why you are giving more money. Not just money, anything that a poor man can use to survive like food, shelter, clothing and money.

What is Prosperity and Poverty

Prosperity Quotes

What to do in the day of prosperity and adversity?

In the day of prosperity be joyful, and in the day of adversity consider: God has made the one as well as the other, so that man may not find out anything that will be after him. (1)

Reference: (1) Ecclesiastes 7:14

Prosperous people already find their happiness. Do you know why? If you are prosperous (wealthy), you can make your life worthwhile. If you can make other people happy by giving money or food, you will also become happy. Unless, you don’t have the whole heart intention to give.

What is the difference between prosperity and wealth? Maybe you asked. For me the difference between prosperity and wealth is “materials an individual possessed”.

You are wealthy if you have stocks worth billions, assets, real estate properties, successful business, luxury cars, or mansion. For some people, they consider their selves as prosperous as long as they have a happy family, good friends, stable job and healthy body.

What is Prosperity All About?

To understand more what is prosperity all about we need to know about success, accomplishment, wealth, growth, plenteousness, life of luxury, opulence, fortune and riches. Also, to easily know what is prosperity, we must understand the word loss, lack, poorness and poverty. If you are not poor, you are rich. And you are rich, you are prosperous. If you are not living in poverty, you are living in prosperity and vice versa.

Prosperity is all about how you treat things in you life. It all started with your mindset. Some people look like rich and act like rich but the truth is still they are poor (if you just consider “money”). They look like living in prosperity because they live in peace, happiness, love and full of joy.

If you were just read my article on how to prosper in life, you will noticed that there are basic guides written. There are checklist you must do to prosper in life whether you want to prosper financially or prosper spiritually. Here are the checklist;

  • Be a righteous individual
  • Hard work is not enough, work smart
  • Save money and invest
  • Give money to charity
  • Always believe in God

If you know the story of Job, in the bible. What happened to Job? Did God prospered him after the trials  and struggles? The story of Job is one of my inspiration on how to prosper in life.

Now, let us welcome the smiles of fortune. Good luck to all of you guys. Now you know what is prosperity all about. Share this post with your friends and leave a comment below. Stay tuned to InvestmentTotal.com for more inspirational and truths about life, money and love.

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