What Do Rich People Spend Their Money On?

Posted by Grace under Personal Finance on July 5, 2015

Want to know what do rich people spend their money on family feud? Name something rich people might sell to raise money family feud like  cars, vacations, dressings, fast food, jewelries. Are these things enough? No, or maybe. Let’s discuss and join the discussion afterwards.

Most of the time, when we ask someone what do rich people do with their finances is “buying stuff”. They are mistakenly have a wrong conception about this.


The truth is rich people are not buying this “great things” such as cars, houses, expensive golds and jewelries. Some people might say, oh rich people are spending their money in grand vacation or some are buying their own private plane and boat or yachts.

Truth: If you want to get rich too, you have to find out what do rich people spend their money on? Do you know what are these things. Let me tell you one by one.

Fact: What Do Rich People Spend Their Money On? Buying More Assets

If you think a yacht is an asset, you’re probably wrong. How come it is an asset? Unless, you have your own resort and make a rental fee for your yachts, that means you are generating money with your yachts. You are familiar with “assets and liabilities” teachings of Robert Kiyosaki, right?

Do rich people spend their money on jewelries, cars, houses and vacations? Image Credit: Aleksey Gnilenkov CC 2.0

Rich people spend their money on buying things that generate more money. They use money to make more money. They buy stock shares, real estate properties, they buy business franchises, etc.

Another thing you can learn from rich people is that they are simple. Compare to the traditional billionaires wearing expensive suits, wearing big golden rings and big golden necklace with lots of woman beside them.

Now, the modern billionaires are simple. Take a look at Mark Zuckerberg, what have you noticed? Did he wearing such jewelries and expensive clothes? No, he wants to spend his money by developing the progress of his business empire. Maybe Facebook is one of them, but who knows he is not just a Facebook owner and stockholder. Maybe Mark is also a major stock holder of another big companies like Microsoft, Apple, Inc. We don’t know.

What Else Rich People Spend their Money On

Do you know that rich people are kind, loving and generous? Well, review the life of Bill Gates, the richest man in the world. He has a charity foundation. Also, observe the kindness of Warren Buffett, one of the world’s billionaires. This simply means that rich people spend their money on…

  • Giving value to other people’s lives.
  • Helping other people to provide jobs and employment
  • Making use of their money to protect the environment
  • Making use of their money to preserve the environment

As you have noticed, a truly rich man don’t have to spend money on non-useful things. A real rich man spend their money to make more money. I know you know the difference between poor and rich especially when it talks about proper handling of finances.

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