Wells Fargo Text Banking Commands (Credit Card Due Dates, Help, Etc.)

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Wells Fargo Online: Find the Wells Fargo Text Banking Commands for Credit Car Due Dates. View your Wells Fargo account, get ATM locations via text messaging. Wells Fargo business credit card status.

Have you tried text banking? Another quality Wells Fargo banking services is through text banking (with commands) which help you to request and receive information about your Wells Fargo account such as balance information, credit card due dates, recent account activity/transactions, etc. You will know exactly how to use the text banking services by using the correct text format and where to send it. Once you enrolled, just send a text message using the following command at 93557 (WELLS). You will get your requested information immediately from the Wells Fargo text banking system.


Important: Mobile carrier’s message and data rates may apply when using Wells Fargo text banking. Check the necessary rates and fees from your mobile carrier’s message when using this facility.

Wells Fargo Text Banking: Popular Commands

ACT View account activity on your primary account
ATM (+ ZIP) Get ATM locations near you
BAL Receive the balance of your primary account1
BAL ALL Receive the balance of all your enrolled accounts, along with your VISA Rewards balance
DUE View credit card payment information
TRA Transfer funds between your Wells Fargo Checking and Savings accounts and to your Wells Fargo Credit Card

Wells Fargo Text Banking: Advanced Commands

BAL (+ account nickname) Receive the balance of an account by nickname.
DET (+ account nickname) View detailed sub-account balances on Home Equity or Student Loan accounts.
ACT (+ account nickname) View account activity of an account by nickname.
HELP Get Wells Fargo contact information.
IPHONE Receive a link to download our iPhone app
STOP TEXT Disable text banking
TIPS Get helpful text banking tips.
ADD Enable an eligible account for text banking
LIST List all your accounts eligible for text banking.
NIC Manage account nicknames.
PRI Set a primary account
REM Disable account from text banking
COM Get a full list of text commands

Wells Fargo Text Banking and Mobile Banking

Try Wells Fargo Mobile Banking if you want to view check and deposit, pay bills, transfer funds, send and receive money, view you account balance information, utilize GPS to know information about Wells Fargo ATM location and many more…

Reference: Wells Fargo Official Website | www.wellsfargo.com
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