Wells Fargo Mobile App Features

Posted by Grace under Banking on March 14, 2015

The interesting Wells Fargo mobile app features is our topic for today. Here is another tutorials on how to download Wells Fargo Mobile App. Just another great banking services from Wells Fargo Banking Online. This tutorial is just a basic guide on how to install the mobile banking application to your mobile phone.Benefits: Wells Fargo mobile allows its users to access their investments and bank accounts.

Wells Fargo Mobile App Features

You can make transactions anytime and anywhere as long as you have internet connections. Examples of online banking transactions that you can do with Wells Fargo Mobile App Features are as follows;

  • Transfer Funds
  • Pay Bills Online
  • Check Your Balance
  • Check Your Application Status

To start installing the mobile app, simply follow the instructions given in this page. If you have any questions about installing this application, feel free to write it in the comment box.


Step 1. Go to Google Play

I know your mobile phone has already Google Play, when you are on Google Play, proceed to step 2.

Step 2. Search for Wells Fargo Mobile

You can see the symbol of Wells Fargo mobile and select that one. The description as you can see in the app is “Wells Fargo Mobile allows you to access your investment and bank accounts”.

Step 3.Install the App

It is easy to install the app, just press “Install” and agree to the terms and conditions of Google Play, make sure you have a lot of spaces in your mobile phone.

Wells Fargo Mobile App Features: Download the Application via Google Play

Photo Courtesy: Wells Fargo | Google Play

As you can see, Wells Fargo Mobile was downloaded 10 million times and rated as 4.3 by almost 114,000 users. Once you installed successfully the app, you can see immediately a Wells Fargo icon in your mobile phone. Press that icon and start using the app.

Step 4. Enjoy Wells Fargo Mobile App

Login to Wells Fargo Online Banking

Photo Courtesy: Wells Fargo | Google Play
So, experience the no-hassle mobile banking of Wells Fargo bank. Do not share your login details to anyone. Make sure when you are using public connections such as Wi-Fi, do not forget to log out. Keep your account safe, when you receive email related to Wells Fargo, do check and investigate it first if it is really from Wells Fargo or it’s just another phishing.
  • Useful References: Wells Fargo Apps for Online Banking
This blog and the owner is not affiliated with Wells Fargo. Photos and screenshot are own by their respective companies. For more details about the features of Wells Fargo Online banking, please visit www.wellsfargo.com
As another guide, please also read Wells Fargo Text Banking Commands and how to open a checking account online. Tell us your thought about Wells Fargo Mobile App features, do you find this article useful? Please share it with your friends.

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