Wells Fargo Mobile App Not Working

Posted by Grace under Banking on June 28, 2015

What to do if Wells Fargo mobile app not working in your mobile phone (whether you are using android phones, smart phones, Samsung, iPhone, Windows, etc)? I do believe you know already the benefits and features of Wells Fargo mobile app. In this mobile app, you can transfer funds, you can pay bills online, and you can also check your balance.

However, there are times you can experience “errors” or “inconvenience”. To resolve whatever issues or problems when using this mobile app, relax and follow this simple things.


Wells Fargo Mobile App Not Working

Here are the things to do if something goes wrong with Wells Fargo mobile app in your device. It is up to you if you will follow this tips or not.

  • Delete your Wells Fargo mobile app and install it again. As a guide, you can see the instructions on how to download Wells Fargo mobile app on Google Play.
  • If the mobile app is still not working, keep on reading.
  • Go to WellsFargoCommunity.com. Visit customer support, press Mobile Banking and read some useful tutorials.
  • Browse questions, read answers and learn. If your issues aren’t already asked, start asking a question and you will get immediate response with appropriate answer.

Here’s some of the useful “conversation” when a customers has problem related to APP CHECK DEPOSIT NOT WORKING. And here is the response from other members or community admin and moderators;

Hi there,

I am not sure why your deposit is not working, if it’s due to the technology or the issue of changing up your debit card due to fraud, or something else.

It is Monday now. You can call our Online Banking support number and get more help on your mobile deposit functionality and perhaps they can isolate more why it is not working.

Online Banking Support
24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Source: https://www.wellsfargocommunity.com/thread/6613

wells fargo mobile app not working

Join WellsFargoCommunity.com to find an exact solution if your mobile app is not working in your preferred device.

Wells Fargo Community – Join and Look for the Solution for Not Working Mobile Application

Join WellsFargoCommunity.com to find an exact solution if your mobile app is not working in your preferred device. Now, you know what to do if the Wells Fargo mobile app not working in your devices.

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  • Useful resource: Wells Fargo Online Community

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17 comments on “Wells Fargo Mobile App Not Working

  1. Lora Swain says:

    When trying to download my wells fargo app it says it is not compatiable with my device.

  2. Alma Q. Arce says:

    it said not compatible with my device

  3. Alma Q. Arce says:

    dont know why update something its not even necessary

  4. Mary Beth Parker says:

    I have always used Wells Fargo mobile. The last time that I updated, it says that my phone is no longer compatible. This is very disappointing.

  5. Dean Zellner says:

    Bought new phone. . . Still can’t download mobile app! Not compatible. Someone needs to resolve this!

  6. Mary Grace says:

    Hello Guys, here’s the solutions, try it. If it’s not work, I think there are some glitches between the Wells Fargo online banking system or the Apps itself.

    1. Delete the app in your mobile phone.
    2. Reboot your phone (please back up the files).
    3. Go to the official website of Wells Fargo online to download the apps.
    4. Start using the Apps by logging in and view your balance. Thank you.

  7. gvolsengo says:

    Uninstalled app, rebooted, reinstalled app, same thing all day.

  8. Rebecca Taylor says:

    Ive tried many times to setup online banking. It keeps telling me I can’t be verified.

  9. Stephen Smith says:

    Same problem. Started after recent Android updates. removed rebooted reinstalled etc

  10. Amanda Johnston says:

    There were recent android updates to my phone. I had to reboot, uninstal then reinstall app. Still says unfortunately wells Fargo mobile app stopped. I use this app daily. Cannot deposit my checks without taking a day off work. Extremely frustrated right now.

  11. nita says:

    I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one with a problen with the app. It just keeps telling me that the amount i typed in ant the amount on the check do not match. I can actually the the amount very clearly on the photo I took of the check. The amounts are the same.

  12. Frank m Fayad says:

    Have trouble to

  13. Joel Arntsen says:

    I deleted the Wells Fargo app and tried to download it again but it says incompatible with this device

  14. Deborah says:

    No matter what I do says not compatible with my Android. I did everything it said. What’s going on?

  15. leo c. says:

    I use my wf app all the time and now cannot. What idiots made the wf app incompatible? Is wf and android making me have to buy a new phone. If yes I am taking my banking back to chase.

  16. Catherine says:

    Yesterday my android w.f. app was fine today it said I had to update it so I hut update and now it say not compatible been trying for 3 hours even called the bank . I did everything possible and still not compatible my phone cost 309.00 I will not buy another phone just so I have a compatible phone with wf. Then next year the same thing. So every time I need to access my account I am screwed why would they make an app that’s not compatible dud. Frustrated

  17. Sabrina says:

    I am also getting the msg “Your device isn’t compatible with this version”. It was working perfectly fine before. This needs an immediate resolution. I tried the suggestions provided and with no success

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