Wells Fargo Locations Can Find Easily Using Simple Trick

Posted by Grace under Banking on March 17, 2016

Wells Fargo locations can search easily online in their official website (wellsfargo.com). You can find ATM and Banking Locations of Wells Fargo instantly wherever you are. Whether you are looking for the local or international bank branch, you can perform a research in their fast loading website.

Example, I want to find a Wells Fargo location in a specific place. All you need to do is to press the map of a particular state In this guide, Let us find Wells Fargo locations in Calfiornia. According to Wells Fargo, “You can select a state to find an ATM or banking location near you. Wells Fargo offers 12,800 ATMs and approximately 6,200 retail banking stores coast to coast.”


Perform a Research for Wells Fargo Locations in United States

Step 1. Visit the Wells Fargo locator and find ATM and Bank Locations.

Step 2. Select a state to find a Wells Fargo ATM or banking location. Press the map. See figure 1.1

wells fargo locations state map

Fig. 1.1 (Image Courtesy: Wells Fargo)

Tip: When searching for a Wells Fargo locations, narrow your search.

You can find a Wells Fargo banks that are open during Saturdays, or bank with safe deposit boxes.

In California, there are 852 Wells Fargo banks and 3,435 ATMs.

After you press the state, you have the options to find a Wells Fargo location in popular cities. Say for example, if you are searching for bank or ATM locations in California, you can start looking for locations in Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco and San Jose California. Note that the color “gray” in the map indicates that there are no locations on that state.Currently does not have any Wells Fargo locations in Louisiana, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kentucky, West Virginia, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine.

You will have also the options to find locations on other cities in a particular state. All you need to do is to look for the cities after you press the state map.

finding location of Wells Fargo per city

Figure 1.2 (Image Courtesy: Wells Fargo)

You can find any locations in the official website. Of course, the telephone number, mailing address and even directions on how to get there (in a specific Wells Fargo location) are also available.

Useful Tip

  • When performing a search for Wells Fargo locations in the official website, you need to type the zip code of your preferred state.
  • Also, if you don’t want to type or press a state map, all you need to do is change the URL address in your browser using the state abbreviations. Example, in our example, we are looking for Wells Fargo locations in California, the URL in your browser is https://www.wellsfargo.com/locator/#ca
  • Just change the bolded letters to another state abbreviation. If you are looking for bank and ATM locations in New York, just change the ca to ny

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