5 Creative Ways to Improve Your Return On Investment

Posted by Grace under Investing on October 8, 2015

Investors and entrepreneurs are looking for an effective ways to improve their return on investment. They tried different things, they tried different business strategies, they tried to minimize the risk and they tried not to lessen the expenses if they are running a business.

The following are some of the best ways to improve your return on investment. These are some of the observations and experience in my investing journey Some of these tips might be applicable to both paper assets investing, real estate and business ownership.


Analyze the Investment

Analyze the investment vehicle you are into. Make sure you invest in the right instrument. Analyze the return on investment every month, every quarter or every year. If the ROI is not enough to achieve your investment goal, stick to the investment, you just need to change strategies.

Change Investing Strategies

There are many things to consider why you’re getting small return on investments. Your investing strategy has a big role to get the highest return on investment. If you think your current strategy is not working to get your target ROI, change your strategy.

When you discovered what investing strategies that works, stick to it. Keep on using that strategy that really works until you get your desired return on investment.

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Invest Low Capital

Investing low capital is also the best way to improve your return on investment. Many skilled and successful investors are putting small amount of capital. I know some investors who became successful by not using any money from their pocket. They use “leveraging”. Leveraging means using other people’s time and using other people’s money to make money.

A good example of investing in low capital that can get high return on investment is through real estate investing.

Look for Fast Return on Investment

Investigate the best investment that can help you fast return on investment. There are different types of investments. I think the solution in this step is to invest in high risk types of investment.

The old saying, high risk is equal to high return. This applies to investing in high growth securities (stock market), business enterprises and mutual fund equity type.

Reinvest Your Capital

If you want to improve your return on investment, take advantage of compound interest. By reinvesting your capital, the amount of your investment remains the same, but the investment return increased.
Say for example, try to invest $100,000 that yield 12% per year. That means you earn $12,000 each year. If you reinvest your profits, your investment capital will become $112,000. Reinvest until you get the desired amount.

I know I have explained some of these ways. I hope you improve your return on investment as long as you follow these tips. If you have any ideas on how to improve your ROI, let me know it. Use the comment box below and leave some thoughts and opinions.

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