How to Find Local Government Jobs in USA?

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Best ways to find local government jobs in USA (United States of America). There are about 50+ states in USA. If you will search for a local government jobs vacancies at, it will be easy for you. If you are unemployed individual, try to use the official federal job site of USA – USAJobs.Gov to find or search for a local employment opportunities.

Below is the step by step procedure on how to find or search for a job using the website. I know this will be very easy for you because you can’t find this page if you don’t know how to use the computer.


Things Needed When Finding a Jobs Online

It is important that you have your computer and internet connection. Your CV/resume must be updated. An email is also required when signing up or login in If you have no email address yet for important personal use, try to create one at Gmail.Com or Yahoo Mail.

When possible, do not use the email you used when creating your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and other social sites. So that, you can track your job application easily especially when some employers are interested to hire you.

Government Job Openings

Awhile ago I visited the and find out the different job openings in each state or areas. Like for example, Accounting Jobs in an area with zip code 10001.

There are options or advanced search to use if you are a veteran, individual with disabilities, students, or recent graduates and you can find also senior executive jobs.

Find Local Government Jobs in USA

Follow this step by step procedure, this can be done online. The other process of getting a job must be done offline such as interviews, submitting necessary documents, and other things related to job application.

Step 1. Go to official website at or go directly to for advanced job searching.

Step 2. Search for job title, agency name or job announcement. When typing your keywords in the search box, be specific. Example: Junior Accounting Jobs, you have the option to choose which “phrase” you want to search. Options such as exact phrase, similar words, or any of the word you have typed in the search box.

Step 3. Choose salary or pay grade. Example, from $25,000 to $200,000 plus annual salary.
Step 4. Choose occupational series or job category.

Step 5. You have the options to find only jobs in a specific locations, just type your location in the search box that stated “Show Available Jobs in”. Example, just type “New York, California, Nevada” or be specific, just type Brooklyn New York, Los Angeles California or Las Vegas Nevada.

Step 6. Fill in the “Department and Agency”.
Step 7. Choose type of work or schedule, here are the type of works and schedule to choose from;

  • Permanent,  Temporary, Term, Detail
  • Presidential Management Fellows, Recent Graduates
  • Internships, Telework, Seasonal
  • Summer, Multiple Appointment Types, Intermittent

…and for the schedule, the available options are as follows

  • Full Time, Part Time
  • Shift Work, Intermittent
  • Job Sharing, Multiple Schedules

If you don’t know these words, just go to and search their meaning and definitions.

Step 8. Choose posting options like “exclude posting for jobs open longer than 30 days and show job posted. Example, choose in the drop down menus such as jobs posted today, yesterday, last 3 days, last 5 days, etc.

Tips: There is also additional information is advanced job search at, choose if you want a supervisory level, a jobs available that required travel or jobs that has relocation authorization.

Step 10. Read the “Who May Apply” in the last form, all you need is to tick the given answers that suitable, after that, “SEARCH”.

Tips & Warnings

It is necessary to make a specific job search when using the when searching for an employment opportunities. The good thing about it is that you can easily find available jobs that is perfectly fit for your education, skills, location and what time do you want to work.

Do not spend too much time in searching online, the best thing you can do to get a job easily especially if you want to get a local government jobs, have time to visit your local municipality and ask for employment opportunities, usually job vacancies are posted in their bulletin boar or local state government official website.

Share this tips on how to find local government jobs in USA with your friends and neighbors. Leave a comment below if you have questions.

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