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OLX Portugal is a buy and sell website that uses Portugese language. Every people from Portugal who wants to post adverts on OLX is very easy. However, some people wants to view the OLX Portugal in English language. This post will be very useful if the OLX user don’t understand Portugese.

Especially if you are a just a tourist taking a vacation in Portugal but want to shop used items online, and you want to shop at OLX Portugal. Let share to you how can an English speaking individual understand OLX Portugal adverts easily.


Some OLX Portugal Categories

Here are the categories of OLX in Portugese language;

  • Bebé e Criança
  • Lazer
  • Telemóveis e Tablets
  • Agricultura
  • Animais
  • Desporto
  • Moda
  • Móveis, Casa e Jardim
  • Tecnologia
  • Carros, motos e barcos
  • Imóveis
  • Emprego
  • Serviços
  • Outras Vendas
  • Regresso às Aulas

OLX Portugal Categories

Browse OLX Portugal Categories in English

Reading Protugese language is easy, but it is not so easy to understand what the word really mean. Say for example, the word “Regresso às Aulas” is not easy to understand. In (English Language), here are the categories listed;

Real Estate – here you can see a lot of real estate properties for sale.
Cars – see more used and brand new cars for sale of any brand.
Mobile Phones – if you want to buy used or brand new cell phones.

Computers – want a laptop or a personal computer? Buy items using this category.
Clothes – if you are looking for local and impoted clothes.

Pets – pets like cats, dogs, birds, aquatic animals and many more.

Motorcycles – if you are looking for brand new or second hand used motorcycle of any brand and model.
Appliances – looking for refrigerator, television, home theater or even a washing machine, visit this category.

Furniture – if you are looking for brand new or used home and office furniture like table, chairs, dining table, cabinet, bed and sofa.
Baby Stuff
Services – looking for car repair, air con repair or cellphone technician, browse this category.

Translate OLX Portugal in English Easily

If you don’t have enough time to learn Portugese language and really want to buy stuffs in OLX Portugal, then here is the easiest way to view OLX Portugal in English Language;

Search OLX Portugal in Google and once the search results has been shown, look for the Google Translation right after the URL of the web page in the search results. See image below.

Translate OLX Portugal in English via Google Translate

Translate OLX Portugal to Other Language

The next thing to do is to choose language. Since you are browsing OLX in Portugese language, choose your preferred language such as French, Danish, Bosnian, CZech. Dutch, Italian, English, etc.

OLX Portugese in English Language-min

Now it’s time to enjoy OLX  Portugese to other language. You can now easily read the posted advertisements in OLX Portugal and easily buy brand new and stuff items even you are just taking a vacation in Portugal.

Tips and Warnings

Do make sure that you bought a good condition item in OLX by reading the advert description. If you are buying a gadget, do read the specifications, negotiable price and the issues (like scratches, dents) related to the item for sale.

If you are a foreigner and want to buy item in OLX Portugal and want to meet the seller, have someone with you to guide and escort you when meeting the seller. Search and investigate the seller first before you make a transaction online.

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