Valentine’s Day Expenses Should Carefully Budgeted

Posted by Grace under Personal Finance on February 8, 2017

Looking for gift for girlfriend or gift for boyfriend? Valentine’s day expenses should carefully budgeted. If you are planning to buy a cheap or expensive gifts, make sure they’re on a budget. Might it be a chocolate or flowers, gold necklace or a Rolex watch, your expenses should be written in your monthly budget.

If you are planning to have an unforgettable date to New York, Paris or Las Vegas, budget your expenses, carefully plan your activities so that you will have a successful and happy valentine’s day celebration with your wife or husband.


Whether you’re from America, Japan, France, Puerto Rico or Australia, the Valentine’s Day will be celebrated by partners, couples, girlfriends and boyfriends. But the question remains simple, do you need to spend more money on Valentine’s day just to show and express her/him your love? Anyway, as long as you have a budget plan for Valentine’s day, you will not be in financial troubles.

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Expenses for Gift for Wife

To make your valentines day this year worth remembering, just spend time with your wife. I mean a quality time. Date her they way you date her the first time. Travel, walk together, eat together, watch movie together and give her these valentines gifts. You can buy your wife a chocolate or a flower.

Chocolate Vs. Flower : Girls love chocolate ad flowers. If you really love your wife, then buy her a chocolate and a dozen of flower (girls’ favorite flower; red roses)

Tip: Make sure you make a budget for Valentines day. Plan your activity.

Expense for Gift for Husband

If you are looking for inexpensive gift ideas for your husband, try to cook these famous recipes like cookies, cupcakes, cakes, pizza or cheesecake. Instead of dining out, prepare a meal for your husband. After you prepared a simple but delicious meal for him, wear a sexy outfit. Attract him, have a simple romance in your home. So that the expenses will minimize.

But if you want to make him happy aside from sex thing. Then buy your husband one of these Valentines day expensive gifts for him;

  • a sport car
  • a motorcycle bike
  • a rolex watch

Show your love using things, time and be with your partner on hearts day. A red rose, chocolate and a funny valentines card that make her/him smile are just fine. The reasons why the whole world is celebrating valentines day is to “express love”.

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