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Looking for used Ford Explorer for sale? Want to own a Ford Explorer Sport? Which one do you prefer? Explorer, XLT, Limited Edition or Sport?  Maybe you ask, why Ford Explorer? There are many SUV out there. What’s the reasons why should I buy Explorer. Here’s a simple description of Ford Explorer from a reputable car review site;

“The Ford Explorer is arguably the vehicle that spurred on America’s love affair with the SUV. Certainly there were SUVs before the Explorer, but they were mostly utilitarian in nature. The Explorer was the first SUV that truly appealed to families, as it offered a combination of comfort, versatility and style that minivans and station wagons were unable to match.” [1]


Here is the simple tips on where to buy used Ford Explorer for sale. Actually, you can easily find a used cars for sale online. Today I will give a simple idea about car finding.

Example, if you want to buy a used Ford Explorer. Just go to if you are from United States or if you are from the Philippines.

search used ford explorer for sale in olx

search used ford explorer for sale in olx

In this example, I will find used Ford Explorer for sale online in  To modify your searches, you must write a definitive keywords or just use the words that describe the SUV car you’re looking for. Here’s what I found.

used ford explorer for sale in olx results-min

Courtesy: [2] Search results when searching “Ford Explorer”.

To find used Ford Explorer for sale of any year model, just type Ford Explorer + Year Model. Example: Ford Explorer 2012.

Tip: Adjust your “year”. Do not buy a car with more than 5 years old. So, if this year is 2017, you must search used Ford Explorer 2012 (2017 minus 5).

Other Car Buying Tips: Is Buying a New Car Can Save Money than Buying Used Car?

It is so easy to find second hand cars online. Just visit one of the buy and sell websites in your country (like OLX), then search for your preferred car brand, type and model.

Brand New Ford Explorer for Sale

Of course, we preferred brand new Ford Explorer. We just need to visit the nearest Ford dealer and shop. The best thing about visiting a car dealer is that we can see the car personally and ask the sales representative the “highlights and specifications of your preferred brand new Ford Explorer model/s”.

But, since you are a intelligent buyer, you wanted to save time when buying by searching and reading the features, highlights, reviews, and specifications of your preferred Ford Explorer model. The XLT, Explorer, Sport, the Limited Edition or the Platinum? What are the differences?

ford explorer models

Image Courtesy:

In, the prices of Ford Explorer models is as follows;

Explorer: $31,160
XLT: $33,625
Limited: $51,525
Sport: $45,205
Platinum: $53,235


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To compare each Ford Explorer model or read the complete specifications, features and highlights, visit Ford Explorer official website. You can select up to 4 models to compare options and equipment.

What about you? Which Ford Explorer do you prefer? Among the 5 models, which do you think is the best? The Explorer, XLT, Sport, Limited Edition or the Platinum? Do you prefer to buy used Ford Explorer or the brand new one? Share your review, thoughts and opinions about Ford Explorer in the comment box below.

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