Best Ways to Use LinkedIn to Find a Job and Get Hired

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A short post about the best ways to use LinkedIn to find a job and get hired. Just another useful articles in our careers and employment topics.
LinkedIn is one of the most popular social networking site nowadays. If you’re using other networking websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat etc., you have to start using LinkedIn coz’ it’s not just a networking site, it is more than a networking site that might help you to find jobs online.Many people are familiar on how to use LinkedIn to get connected with the big companies. If you don’t know how to do it, here is a simple instruction;

Best Ways to Use LinkedIn to Find a Job and Get Hired

Step One. Go to LinkedIn homepage (official website link). Just go to official website.


Step Two. Create an account. Creating a LinkedIn account is very easy. You just need to fill out some basic information such as name, username or email address and desired password for your account. Make sure your password is very hard to guess. Hackers might steal your account without you knowing it.

Learn the best ways to use LinkedIn to find a job, get your dream job using your LinkedIn profile

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Step Three. Make your profile the best profile ever. After you have created your LinkedIn account is to make your profile the best profile in the world. Complete your LinkedIn profile by simply completing the necessary information about yourself such as education and employment background, your skills and interest. Other companies will see your profile and if they like your profile, they will contact you and offer a job opportunity.

Step Four. Join LinkedIn Groups. Join different LinkedIn groups that is align in your interest. If your interest is finance and your expertise is financial consultancy, go to LinkedIn groups and find relevant groups and join them. Interact with other members of the groups. If you have a blog or website (for companies) you may want to share your new updated article or post in the LinkedIn groups, that way you will get noticed by other members especially if you have a compelling content that may sound like you’re an expert in your field.

Step Five. Get notifications. Do not forget to get notified by LinkedIn, go to your account settings and turn on all notifications. You will receive email notifications from LinkedIn once other people send you a message, or other related important activities in LinkedIn that may help you to get hired.

Remember, LinkedIn is for professional people. The difference between LinkedIn and other social networking site is that LinkedIn is for professional people who are seeking job opportunities and offer jobs and employments while other social sites are there just to socialize. You don’t have to shout in the crowd that you need a job or offering job opportunity, you need to shout it to the right people, and you will only find the right people at LinkedIn.

There are many companies that has a LinkedIn profile. Some are in banking and finance looking for accountants, some are big corporations looking for executives and managers, other are online businesses firms looking for internet marketer. Some are insurance companies looking for a highly profiled individual who can sell health insurance, life insurance and other types of insurance.

Tell us what is your experience in getting a job through LinkedIn? Do you use LinkedIn just to socialize or you are using it because you want to get hired. I will highly appreciate your opinion.Add some of the best ways to use LinkedIn to find a job and get hire now. Thank you.

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