Federal Tax Refund Email Phishing

Posted by Grace under General Info, Scams and Frauds on January 26, 2015

Beware of fake federal tax refund email used in US tax refund services offered online. A good example of email phishing and scam.

Maybe you think this article will teach you how to get a tax refund. Nope, I will just inform you that there “fraud”, “scams”, “email phishing”, all over the internet offering a tax refund services and their target victims are the people from USA . So beware, let me just share some emails I received related to tax refund offers. The subject I received from this email was “You have a tax refund”, and the sender “USA TAX SERVICES hm19888@163.com“. Ow, I have no idea why I received this kind of email.


I am curious, so let me just share this to you as a simple reminder especially when you are in a hurry in getting a tax refund. Whether you’re in New York, California, Las Vegas, Colorado, Delaware (Any US States), this will be very helpful to you. Read this, the email I received (and then make your own judgement).

Federal Tax Refund Email Phishing

Date Received: Monday, January 26, 2015 8:00 PM
Subject: “You have a tax refund”
——————————- Beginning of Message ————————–


According to the latest calculations of the last five years of exercising your activity, we have determined that you are eligible to receive this time a TAX REFUND of $ 129,857.95 USD.Please submit your refund request to allow us to treat it as soon as possible.
Please ask your TAX REFUND Form.
Upon receipt of your application, your refund will be considered within a period of 5 working days.
Invalid document submission or registration after a certain limit may delay your refund.

Notify the following officers to apply for your TAX REFUND Form:
US/EU Tax services
Email: tax.refund@t-online.de
Phone:33 (0) 644 23 70 69                                                                 
Fax:33 (0) 980 13 08 85

NB:Please take this TAX REFUND as a confidence because it is not granted to everyone.

——————————- End of Message ————————–
Here’s the screen shot;
Federal Tax Refund Email Phishing

I received this email in my spam folder!Just what I have said awhile ago, I just want to inform my readers. Share your opinion, is this a scam or not. Use your financial IQ, or “common sense”. Do not be a victim of fraud and scams! Kindly share this to your friends and inform them about this type of Federal Tax Refund email phishing.

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