US Presidential Elections 2016 Date

Posted by Grace under General Info on August 21, 2015

Excited to vote? When is US Presidential Elections 2016? The USA Presidential Elections 2016 date is November 8, 2016 (Tuesday). policy issues in USA, then ask yourself, which of these Presidential Candidates can solve those issues.

Example: If you think John Doe can solve the immigration issues, vote him. What if John Doe focused only in immigration issues but not on environment and education issues? Will you still vote him? Carefully choose the next President or the next leader, otherwise, every citizens will suffer.


Let’s talk about, the great and the bad President…

A good President is SMART. He is smart in making decisions. He is smart in solving problems. He is smart in making every citizens safe and secured. He is smart in spending taxes. He is smart in creating jobs and opportunities. A good leader has a positive attitude on money!

A leader is bad if…

If he is self-centered. If he use money for his own interest. He is bad if he allows immoral activities like illegal drugs, same-sex marriage, abortions, etc.

Do you have predictions? Who do you think will be the next US President? Share this with your friends. Do not forget to leave a comment, opinions and reactions below!

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