Unidentified Mega Millions Winners Bought the Lottery Ticket at a Sweet 14 Candy & Grocery on 14th St. in Manhattan

By Grace

The Mega Millions are getting hotter in Google Trends. I became interested to find out who are the two instant millionaires winning Mega Millions. According to online publications, “One of the unidentified Mega Millions winners bought the lottery ticket at a Sweet 14 Candy & Grocery on 14th St. in Manhattan” 1

The winning numbers were: 20, 22, 52, 57, 73 and Mega Ball 07.

If you won one million dollars in the lottery, what is the best thing to do? Will you spend all your Mega Million winnings as if there will be no tomorrow or you will invest your winnings and create passive income.


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It is very exciting to win millions of dollars in the lottery. However, not all lottery winners know exactly what to do with their millions of dollars.

The best thing to do with your money if you are the Mega Million winners is to invest your money and make it work for you. How to make your money work for you explained here.

Many people are getting interested in playing lottery, may it be in lottery ticket store or online. They get lured to the big prize. But, they don’t even know that there are plenty of lottery scams reported by Daily Investing Tips (InvestmentTotal.com). Someof the reportedly lottery scams are the following articles;

So, before you make believe that you are the lottery winner, ensure that you bought a lottery ticket like the one in Mega Millions or Power Balls. If the lottery winning notification you have received is just telling about email selection, it is just a possible lottery scam.


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