Paypal Transfer Money to US Bank Account

Posted by Grace under Personal Finance on April 25, 2015

How to PayPal transfer money to us bank account such as Chase, Wells Fargo or Bank of America? Do you have difficulties in withdrawals of your PayPal funds? Do you want to transfer your funds from PayPal to your Chase Bank account, Wells Fargo Bank Account or Bank of America Bank account? Here’s the simple guide and tutorials on how to withdraw your money in PayPal using your own bank account.If you are an online money maker selling affiliate products and services and receiving your commissions via PayPal. You need to know on how to withdraw your PayPal funds for you to enjoy your hard-earned money on the internet.

Get Paid via PayPal

Many of us including me is earning a decent income online. Most of the time I get paid via PayPal, when I reached $1,000 in my PayPal funds, I decided to link my bank account in it, verify my account to increase its limitations especially in withdrawals, and start sending my money to my bank account.


If you want to withdraw your funds from PayPal and turn those e-currency to real cash, just prepare the things needed and follow the instructions carefully.

PayPal Transfer Money to US Bank Account

  • PayPal account, email addresses, password
  • Bank account
  • Swift Codes of your chosen bank branch

Step 1. Verify your PayPal account. Just submit necessary documents, upload government ID’s or enter your necessary information such as your bank account number, bank name and address.

Note: You need to know the swift code of your chosen bank branch wherein you opened a bank account. Just visit the branch and ask one of the bank staff about the swift code. When they will ask you why you need a swift code, tell them you need to link your savings account in your PayPal account.

Once you logged in in your PayPal account, you can see a noticed like this:

“You are now a Verified PayPal user. In addition to increased security, buyers and sellers value your Verified status because it indicates you have passed PayPal security checks. Most importantly, you can now send unlimited payments with your PayPal account. Your Member Status is: Verified”

Step 2. You will receive a specific amount of money from PayPal to your bank account and enter that exact amount when you verify your bank account with PayPal.

Step 3. When you successfully linked your bank account and verified your PayPal account, you can now start transferring money to your chosen bank. Actually any bank account is working with PayPal – might it be a Chase bank account, Bank of America or Wells Fargo bank account.

Note: Just choose where you want to transfer your PayPal funds. You have the options to choose to withdraw your PayPal funds to your bank account or withdraw your funds to your card (linked in your PayPal account). It takes 2 to 4 business days when withdrawing your funds to your bank account and it takes 5 to 7 days if you choose to withdraw your funds to your card.

Disclaimer: Any business names, business registered trade marks, slogan and logos are owned by their respective companies. Feel free to add your experience on how to use PayPal from adding funds, receiving money and transferring money from other PayPal account and withdrawal of funds as well.

The hardest part in using PayPal is the account verification. But when your account was already verified, withdrawal of funds in PayPal is very easy. If you liked this guide on how to PayPal transfer money to US bank account, please share it with your friends.

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  1. Cindy Gal says:

    I want to know how long does it take to transfer money from paypal to wells fargo? Any idea?

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    Want to know the paypal to chase bank transfer time..thanks

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