Toyota Vios 1.3E Sedan M/T Gas 2010 Model for Sale (Metrobank)

Posted by Grace under Cars for Sale on December 1, 2017

Looking for Toyota Vios 1.3E manual transmission? Here is a cheap second hand Toyota Vios for sale we found in MetroBank that we want to share to all car buyers online.

Buying a second hand car can be sometimes better for those who are in tight budget. Buying a new car can be expensive that’s why some people are looking for repossessed cars especially Toyota Vios 1.3E for its simplicity and low fuel consumption.


However, sometimes buying a repossessed cars, second hand cars or pre-owned vehicles is difficult because of negotiation period. If you are buying a car in the bank, you are required to submit documents and bid form. And if you are buying to direct owner, you only need few minutes or an hour to negotiate.

Image Credit: Metrobank

Toyota Vios 1.3E Sedan M/T Gas 2010 Model for Sale (Metrobank) listed on December 1, 2017.

Reference No. 20828000001820
Plate No.: PVI 259
Brand – Make: Toyota – Vios 1.3E Sedan M/T Gas
Year: 2010
Color: Red Metallic
Mileage: 36,310.00 Kilometers
Warehouse: Pasay Warehouse
Selling Price: Php 230,000.00

Tips and Warnings in Buying Second Hand Cars

  • Check the documents of the vehicle such as the OR/CR and do not forget to check the unit in Land Transportation Office if there are pending cases or related to criminal issues.
  • Check the engine and transmission, the exterior and interior if in tact. Check the tires, you can save a lot of money if you bought a second hand vehicles with new tires, batteries and the transmission and engine is in excellent condition.
  • Read Buying a New Car Vs. Second Hand Cars (to get more knowledge in buying a car and save a lot of money).
  • Looking for used cars for sale in the Philippines? Browse the latest post in cars for sale archives for the latest list of vehicles for sale.

If you are interested to buy this Toyota Vios 1.3E Sedan M/T Gas 2010 Model for Sale, If you are interested to buy this vehicle, kindly ask Vilma Hernandez at telephone number 898-9001 or email via

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