Total Investments in Stocks & Net Worth January 2015

Posted by Grace under Investing on January 6, 2015

I am so excited my stocks investments are growing. Although I am not expert in this field, at least I am investing now for my future. A small amount of money I invested in stocks. I am planning the cost averaging method. I plan to sell my stocks after 45 years. I am just 20 years old.

I take advantage of the benefits of investing early. Actually, the biggest investment was on mutual funds. I will explain to you later why I prefer investing big amount of money in mutual funds.


Anyway, this is just a “too personal” finance talking about my stocks and net worth. I believe tracking my net worth is the best way to make it increase. I learned so much from the book of “Secrets of the Millionaire’s Mind”, “what you track, increases” and “what you focus on, expands”. Stated by the author – T. Harv Eker.

Ayala Corporation – 25.89%I am so grateful I found the right investments. Now, I am so sure I can retire young and rich. My husband taught me stock market investing and helped me open a stock broker account. The first time I bought my stock shares was so “exciting”. Now, I am always hoping that I have a lot of extra cash so that I will buy more stock shares. I don’t want to waste even a single cents.

Total Investments in Stocks

Ayala Land Incorporation – 24.74%
Metrobank – 12.36%
Megaworld Corp – 18.44%
SM Prime Holdings – 18.57%

Total Investments in Stocks and Mutual Funds

Update: In mutual funds I have a total investment amounting to P250,000 and total investment in stocks is amounting to P37,000 as of December 2015.

The reasons why I put the big portion of my savings in mutual funds is because I want someone “experts” invest my money for me. As I’ve mentioned awhile ago, I am not an expert. The mutual fund manager will invest my money for me.

A fund manager is expert in this field. All I need to do is to trust the mutual fund company and the fund manager. I keep on adding funds on both mutual funds and stocks whenever I received extra (cash).

I am not lazy in learning how to invest in the stock market, I am just more confident in investing in mutual funds. Maybe, sooner, I will invest bigger amount of money in the stock market and build my own mutual fund. That’s it. If you will ask my net worth, it’s almost 4 Million as of January 2015.

And the assets that has high market value is some real estate properties and my small business enterprise. What about you? How’s your stocks investment? Kindly share your stock market investing experience using the comment box. Thank you. May you have achieve financial freedom.

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