Total Investment in Stocks, MF, Real Estate, Etc

Posted by Grace under Investing on August 21, 2015

So far my investments has a total return amounting to 407,000 in stocks market, mutual funds, trust account, business and real estate. Almost half million, sooner my total investment will be worth millions. My goal is to have an earning asset for my retirement and my investment baskets are the investment vehicle mentioned awhile ago. I am so excited to track my personal investment. T. Harv Eker motivates me to become a millionaire, thanks to his book “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind”.I love to invest in the stock market. My plan is to invest the 50% profits in my business in the stock market and the 50% will reinvest as a business capital. In mutual funds, I decided to invest 225,000 last september 2014, so far, I am making great profits from mutual funds. I bought some 2 piece of land, I am not tracking it since it is not evaluated yet its market value.

Total Investment in Stocks, MF, Real Estate, Etc

Stock Market: 25,000
Mutual Funds: 225,000
Trust Account: 10,000
Real Estate: 77,000 (not track)
Business: 70,000
Total: 407,000


Stock Market: 2,500
Mutual Funds: 22,500
Trust Accounts: 500
Real Estate: not track
Business: 49,000
Total: 74,500

As you have noticed, a huge profit from business enterprises rather than in my paper assets. That’s why my plan is to expand my business, think big about it since it is profitable. If you ask what’s my niche, it is in agriculture niche. A easy to do and enjoyable business.

I Withdraw My Total Investment in Stocks

I withdraw some of the profits I earned in stock market investing and buy some things that generate extra income for my family in the province. My total investment in stocks as of today is P37,000.00

What do you think about the ROI for March 2015? Isn’t it amazing that investing can make me rich. See you in my next post. If you want to invest your money and want a tutorial, just post a comment or send me an email message.

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