Total Investment in Stocks as of May 2015 Gained 35%

Posted by Grace under Investing on April 26, 2015

I believe tracking my personal total investment in stocks can help me to achieve my goal. One good thing, I created, it serve as a tool to write and track my total investments in stocks, mutual funds, business ownership and real estate investment. In this blog I am going to track each vehicle.When I heard stock market, I feel like I came from the other planet. The word “stock market” is not familiar to me. It’s a very strange thing. I decided to know and learn about it by reading books, reading personal finance blogs, investment forums, talk to a certified financial planner and always searching what it is all about.

After few months I learned it. I decided to start investing in stocks for a minimum amount. I search the best stock brokerage companies in our country and I found one. I created an account, fund my account and start buying shares.


After few months, my investment earned 12%. I enjoyed it. I keep on learning and adding funds in my stock brokerage account. After year, I earned an average of 17%. I said wow! This great, this is what I am looking for. My money is start working for me now.

Total Investment in Stocks as of May 2015 Gained 35%

So far I invested 27,000 total and my equity is amounting to 36,500. I make a total profit of 9,500 or 35.19% thirty five percent. Not bad for a beginner. How I did it? Of course, I choose carefully on what stocks to buy and hold forever. This simply means, I search not just the stock price, but the company itself (ex. The management, the products and services, stability, balance sheet, etc.)

Sometimes I ask anyone in the Facebook groups, forums, leaving a comment in other blogs and asking the best stocks to buy for 2015. Sometimes, I used to read Forbes.Com and read their latest tips and reviews about the best stocks to buy for 2015.

Never Lose Money in Stocks

I will keep on investing until I will achieve my goal. My target earning asset is amounting to 10,000,000 (ten million) for my retirement. For me, the simple rule in stock market investing is follow the rule of Warren Buffet in investing; “Never Lose Money”.

What about you? What is your total investment in stocks so far? Are you making a good profit in stocks? Do you get good return on investment in stock market? If you were given the chance to speak in a conference, events and seminars and ask you which stocks is the best to buy and hold forever, which company stocks will you recommend?

Thank you for visiting –giving advice to many people on how to invest money for their financial future. What can you say about my total investment in stocks? Have a blessed stock market investing journey!

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