Top 5 Truths about Investing on a Travel Blog

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It is appealing to consider earning money online through blogging. This offers you the opportunity to earn income while writing about something you enjoy. If you are passionate about travel, it may have crossed your mind to develop a travel blog. Before you get started, here are some truths to consider before you starting investing your money, time and energy.

Truth #1: It Takes Time to Earn Money from a Blog


If you are looking to earn money quickly, blogging is not the way to go. Blogging really is an investment of your time. You will need to work hard to create your blog and establish it as an authority on the topic of travel. Learning about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will be important so that your blog can rank higher on Google. It will likely take six months to a year or longer to begin to see any income from your efforts.

Truth #2: There are a lot of Travel Blogs-You Need to make yours Unique

As there are many people who enjoy travel, there are a lot of travel blogs. In order to get your blog established it will take hard work and creativity. You will want to consider your “niche” in the area of travel. If you want to build a camping blog what will it be about your blog that makes it different from what is already out there? What are you offering that will draw visitors to your site? Before investing time and money, get a good idea of what is already available online and consider how what you provide will be different.

Truth #3: Blogging is Hard Work

While being a good writer is part of blogging, your blog posts and website must provide value to the visitor or they will not come back. In order for you to earn money, visitors must return to your site over and over. When visitors find your blog valuable they will refer people to visit and share your posts on social media. It is not easy to build a following. Each post that you write will take time and a lot of mental energy.


Truth #4: Creating and Maintaining a Blog will Cost Money Before you earn any

As far as starting a business goes, blogging is not particularly expensive, however there is certainly a cost to get started and maintain your blog. You will have to purchase your domain name and pay for web hosting. Depending on your writing skills or interest, you may also choose to hire freelancers or an agency to write blog posts for you. These costs add up and may feel frustrating to have to pay as time passes and you are not earning any income to cover the costs.

Truth #5: Very Few Blogs Generate a Full-time Income

The reality is that very few blogs generate enough income for the blogger to quit their job and blog full-time (or blog part-time and spend the rest of their time traveling). While your blog will likely not replace your full-time job, it is a chance to turn your passion into extra income. It is important to go into creating a travel blog with a realistic expectation of the revenue it can generate. Don’t expect your travel blog to provide you a middle-class income as you will more than likely be disappointed. Do look at your travel blog as a way to earn additional money to fund your travels or grow your retirement (or anything else that is important for you.

A blog, particularly one focused on travel, appears to be a pretty nice way to earn an income. While blogs typically take some time to generate any revenue, if you are open to putting in the time and effort and a little bit of money, creating and maintaining a travel blog can be a very rewarding experience. Having realistic expectations will be important as you start and develop your blog, so that you don’t become frustrated and want to give up. A travel blog will take time to get established and begin generating income. It is important to remember that it is likely your blog efforts will not allow you to quit your job, however your blog can provide you the opportunity to earn extra money writing about what you love.

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