Top 18 Money Saving Tips for Every Housewives

Posted by Grace under Personal Finance on February 15, 2017

Hi mothers! Read these money saving tips, ideas and effective ways. If you are a housewife and planning to save enough money, follow these money saving tips and start changing your financial situation.

If you are struggling financially, you need a proper financial advice. If you think your income is enough but you have no idea on how to save money for your family’s financial future, here are the personal finance advice for every mom out there.


1. Make a budget plan for a week or a month. It helps you spend your money wisely.

2. Do help your husband to increase your family’s monthly income. Save some of your income and make them as your initial investment. Be an entrepreneur mom.

3. When shopping, look for big items with big discounts.

4. Always use your discount card.

5. Always ask discount.

6. Put some money in your closet.

7. Open a savings account for your kids and save money for their education.

8. Learn how to invest your savings and make them grow.

9. Do ride a bicycle instead of your car.

10. Prepare easy to prepare but nutritious food for your family. It will help you save time, effort and money.

11. Have a piggy bank in your house and put the change bills or coins.

12. Open your window and let the fresh air enters than using the air conditioner.

13. Fix items such as clothes instead of buying new ones.

14. Occasionally go to salon for hair treatment.

15. Always follow your budget plan for the day if you don’t want to get short.

16. Wash your clothes every three days or once a week. You will save water, time, effort and money that way.

17. Ask your husband to open a joint savings account and investment account.

18. Plan! Plan your meal everyday. Plan your travel. Plan your budget! Plan, Plan and Plan. It works.

Those are just some of the money saving tips for every housewives. If you want to share other money saving tips, kindly share them in the comment box below. Thank You!

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