Tips in Choosing the Best Life Insurance Agent

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Today, you will learn the best way on how to choose the best life insurance agent. When buying life insurance, you should carefully select not just the type of insurance but also select the type of agents you’re dealing with. The best life insurance agent can help you analyze and determine your needs.

He is willing to listen to you and give you time to discuss first with him your situation, your reasons why yo’re buying insurance and most of all he will not insist to offer something you don’t really need. Read further to know how exactly our friend Fred meet the best life insurance.


Best Life Insurance Agent – The Story of Fred

One of our team member, shared his experience when buying life insurance. First, our friend Fred realize how important is life insurance is. He read books and online articles. He realize that life insurance are “cheap” to protect the expensive ones. (We will soon explain that to you in other articles).

After Fred realized the importance of life insurance, he immediately look for an agent. He browse the web and search for the best insurance company. There it is, he investigate the products and services and study the company’s customer services to its previous clients. He decided to buy insurance in the company (the one he studied carefully).

Fred visited the company’s official website. He try to ask an insurance quote online but unfortunately Fred is not that familiar on how to that “stuff”. He picked up the phone and call the customer service, someone tells him to visit him in the house.

At eight o’clock in the morning, the insurance agent visit Fred. The insurance agent dress professionally and speak very politely. He act and talk very smart. He let Fred to say something about his life, jobs, assets and needs including the reasons why he want to purchase life insurance.

After almost half an hour, the insurance agent start discussing “what is life insurance”. He added more information why people should have life insurance. He also share some real life experiences from the victims of super typhoon and other life’s disastrous events.

After that, he laid some plans according to Freds needs. The insurance agent ask Fred which of these plans he want to buy. Some are term life, whole life and insurance with investments.

Fred chosed variable units (the last option). The insurance agent said that the insurance with investment will cost Fred much money since our friend has already assets like business franchise and real estate properties. The agent offers term-life insurance which cost very minimal.

He asked Fred about the face amount, Fred responded “$2,000,000”. The agent smiled, and asked Fred, “Sir, may I know your annual income again”. It’s $120,000 per year. Why do you asked, said Fred. Sir, your face amount should at least equivalent to 3 to 5 years of your annual income. It’s depend on how many years you want to give your loved ones to recover just in case your family will encounter financial losses.

A Best Agent Should Show Realities with Respect

The insurance agent carefully select the “words” when he is explaining “financial losses of family if the bread winner or the primary wage earner dies”. That day, Fred happily select the “term insurance” from the agent. The agent of course will be more happy than Fred. Well, it is not because of commission, it is because he helped someone to protect not just his client’s life but also the whole family.

Fred decide to buy life insurance with a face amount of $120,000 X 5 years. A $600,000 face amount life insurance coverage. He added total disability insurance.

Lesson from this Story

If an insurance agent offers you something without analyzing your needs, that insurance agent is good for “commission first before clients satisfaction”. Second, the best life insurance agent didn’t insist to offer an insurance whereas he can make huge commissions but on client’s part, it’s a big losses.

When buying life insurance, we prefer not to go over the phone or to online procedures. As much as possible, meet an insurance agent and talk with him personally. Why? It is because the personality and attitude of an insurance agent will only be observe personally.

How to Choose the Best Life Insurance Agent

I hope you learned from Fred’s story on how did he bought life insurance happily with full satisfaction. The best life insurance agent has these characteristics;

  • Dress Professionally
  • Act and Talk Smartly
  • He is a Good Listener
  • Client’s Needs Centered
  • Not a Commission Concerned

What do you think? Was this article useful? Please share your experiences and opinions on how to choose the best life insurance agent? Above all, do not spend much time in choosing the best agent, decide and act immediately.

Buy life insurance today, not tomorrow, not next week, not next month, or the worst, you will decide to buy insurance only when you’re premiums are getting higher because of aged and illness. Imagine, if your family will suffer financially because you died. Also think, if you leave them $600,000 after your journey in this world ends.

Here at Insurance-Premium.Net, we want to share real life experiences and useful guides on how to buy health and life insurance. Keep visiting this blog to learn more about insurance. Thank you for spending your time reading this guide.

Thought of the Day: 

Justice is the insurance which we have on our lives and property. Obedience is the premium which we pay for it. – William Penn (Source: BrainyQuote.Com)

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