Tips in Allocating Company’s 401k Plan (Roth)

Posted by Grace under Investing on October 4, 2015

Looking for some tips on how to allocate your funds in your company’s 401k plan? Read this conversation I found in Investing and Personal Finance club online. It is very important to know the basic of investing, how does it work, and most of all you will only succeed if you will keep on learning investing strategies. And among those important investing strategies you should know are asset allocation and diversification. If you are following, few months ago, it published useful tips and advice about 401k plans and some advice from financial experts like Suze Orman and Robert T. Kiyosaki.

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I found 3 useful and valuable advice here (they shared how to allocate funds in company’s 401k plan (Roth)).

  • Balance your portfolio
  • Take advantage of fixed-income.
  • Invest 100% in equities.

Which of these three tips do you prefer? I think the last option is the best especially if you are doing it long term. However if you’re not an aggressive type of investor and you just want to save, choose the first and second option.


It’s always good to allocate your assets depending on your investment goal. Maximize the full potential of your 401k contributions. Don’t expect high returns for low risks investments and expect paper losses for high risk investments such as stock securities.

So what can you say about the advice of William McVey and Jeff Stouffer? Let me hear your thought about this guide on how to allocate your funds in your company’s 401k plan. Leave a comment now and share this page with your friends.

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