Time to Buy More SMPH shares at COL Financial

Posted by Grace under Investing on August 1, 2014

SMPH – SM Prime Holdings is one of my favorite stock, is it good to buy more SMPH stocks today? It depends on how do you manage your stocks portfolio. I am not a big time stock investor. Just to share my point of view about SMPH stocks.

Investing in the Philippine Stock Market for some Filipinos are difficult, but for those who are already informed, investing in the stock market is so very easy.


Some stock experts say do a cost averaging, some teach stock analysis, that’s true, investing in stocks need patience and knowledge plus your guts, are you brave enough to take risk, wise enough to manage risk, or just want to invest in stocks and follow someone’s recommendation.

Whatever your strategy the main concern in investing in stocks is “gain”, your profits and the other things are just instrument to make profits.

Example, you can’t make a profit in any investment vehicles if you don’t know what you are doing. The golden rules in investing is not to “time the market”, “have excellent knowledge and skills”, the golden rule is “do not lose money”. Even a single cent. Make sure you will make a profit on your investment especially investing in stocks. Buy and hold strategy are somewhat the most popular but for those who have no big capital, they can do cost averaging.

A situational stock investing, example if you invest in the stock market and buy SMPH stock cost P3,000,000 last January – May 2014 and you gain 12.77%, you make a profit of P383,100.00 in just 5 months. But if you only do it cost averaging, what will going to happen?

Maybe you think SMPH will increase its price, or maybe you think it will go down. That’s the disadvantage of cost averaging. But investing lump sum is great, but it has also disadvantages. If you gain 10% in investing in stocks and you have a capital of P10,000,000,that only means you make P1,000,000 per year without doing anything.

SMPH Stocks: Buy More, Hold  or Sell

It’s time to buy more shares at COL Financial, agree or disagree? Look at the picture below, from 12.77% gain last may 2014 to -0.19% today August 1, 2014. I have decided to sell my SMPH shares when it reached P19.41 per share.

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It seems I loose 12.77%, an opportunity to compound 12.77% but it ends with nothing, good thing I learned how to invest in the stock market. I am not worrying about this, this is the opportunity to buy more shares, just like what I did in my mutual fund account (FAMI-SALEF) invests for about P200,000. I will continue buying SMPH shares via COL Financial.

The question is, what do you think about SMPH? In my own opinion it is worth to buy more SMPH shares today, just follow my plan, stick to my strategy in investing in the stock market.

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Mutual funds investing has a big difference in investing in direct stocks, that’s why I should be very careful. Thank you COL Financial for the guide. If you want to do cost averaging in stock investing, all you have to do is follow the COL Financial Investment Guide, buy stock when the price is in the “buy below price”, and sell when the price of your chosen stock hit the FV – Fair Value, I am not familiar with the abbreviation. Anyways, I will repeat the passage above, the only thing you must be concern is to “make a profit”.

Learn Financial Education Today

Anyone can learn how to starting investing in stocks not just to save. Saving is very easy, if you can save therefore you can also invest. Practice the habit of saving, and sooner you will also investing your money. Saving, investing, spending, budgeting and giving money are the part of money management. In my next article, I will going to write the easiest way to manage money well.

buy SM Prime Holdings Share at ColFinancial Stock Market Philippines

buy SM Prime Holdings Share at ColFinancial Stock Market Philippines

The rich people knows how to manage their money well, that’s why they are rich. If you can manage small amount, then you have the right to manage huge amount of money. After all reading this article, it’s up to you if you will buy more SMPH shares at COL Financial or to any other stock broker. Take note, that I am not promoting COL Financial and SMPH. Thank you for reading this simple article about stock investing, kindly read other useful guide in investing of InvestmentTotal.com below.

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I do really hope that financial literacy will spread in the Philippines, especially OFW: Overseas Filipino Workers. But how do they invest if they are out of the country. Simple, visit any of the registered stock broker websites, learn how to start, fill our necessary forms, submit documents in their office, add funds to your stock broker account and start investing.

Take this great opportunity, you have to decide now because time is gold. If you find investing in the Philippine stock market is difficult, then try mutual funds and UITF: unit Investment Trust Funds. Thank you for reading this article, for those who are already investing in the stock market, what do you think about SMPH. Would you buy more shares or not?

Money Quote and Saying for the Day:

Never spend your money before you have it. -Thomas Jefferson

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