Time is Money Explanation

Posted by Grace under Money on March 11, 2015

This time is money explanation was derived from our own experiences and quotes from famous authors. Time is Money – a popular quote by Benjamin Franklin. Now, let us discuss this topic in this personal finance blog – InvestmentTotal.com. I agree with the statement, it is short and sweet. We can only know the real value of time when we have only limited time to spend. We  always wish and hoping to have enough time to enjoy our lives in this world. If you have a lot of time, that means, you also have enough chances to make a lot of money. But of course, you will only make more money if you will spend your time in making money.

Time is Money Explanation

A young man and an old man has different opinion about the value of time. When you were young, you are wasting your time in a non-sense matters such as drinking, enjoying your life as if there is no tomorrow to prepare for. You didn’t realize that a time is more valuable if you will use it to do the things that really matters.


Learn to value time and you will get more money.

Time Flies | Credit: Hartwig HKD CC 2.0

When you get older, you realized you have no time and the worst – you have no enough money to enjoy your limited time. You are now dreaming and hoping to get back those old days. You are talking to yourself like crazy as if you can get back the wasted time. You wish you were invested your hard earned money and not wasted to buy the things you don’t really need and to spend your money just to please everybody and make “wow” impressions.

The Importance of Money and Time

If you just realized when you’re young that “money” is very important. You won’t wasted your time. Money is very important, you can never do what you want to do if you have no money.

This is the right time to become rich and wealthy. The more money you can make, the more time and things you can enjoy. Do you know that when you invest early you can retire early? The moment you think about money is the moment you think about the value of time.

Now, think about this? When you’re at 20’s you are enjoying your life because you have no responsibilities, no spouse and no kids. No other mouth to feed. But when you’re at age 35, you have a lot of responsibilities. If you get married at 25, that means you have 5 years to save a lot of money. But, the problem is, you can’t save money because you want to feel like rich but in fact you are not. If you have just read the book of Suze Orman, The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous and Broke, you will think so bad about buying the things you don’t really need. Instead, you have to save early, invest early and retire early.

If You Have Both Time and Money

If you have both time and money, you are rich and wealthy. I would prefer to spend my time to make money, invest money and make it grow while I am still young so that I will achieve my dream – to retire young, happy and rich. What about you? Are you spending your time and money wisely? Share your thoughts on this time is money explanation and let’s all achieve financial freedom as early as we can.

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