Thoughts on Think BIG, Dream BIG

Posted by Grace under Life Hacks on April 6, 2016

To get bigger results, think BIG in your investing & business ventures! To accomplish great, dream big. Thinking big is better than thinking small. I know you already read this line all over the internet.

Today let us discuss some important topics about this getting bigger results. I want to share my thoughts on;


1. how to think big

2. how to dream big

3. benefits of thinking and dreaming big

4. why big is better than small

Do you drive a car? Which one is better? To drive an ordinary car or drive a luxury car? Which is more safer? To drive a big car or to drive a light weight car?

The point why I am asking you this is, “playing safe and playing small” has two different benefits. If you are driving a dump truck in the road, you are an employee of a construction company. That’s common. And when you are riding a BMW car, people think you are rich. In the road, driving a dump truck is more safer than driving a luxury car.

In life, driving a BMW is better than driving a dump truck. The point is, it’s better to be rich than to be poor. It is great to have more money than being in poverty.

Thoughts on Think BIG, Dream BIG

According to the law of attraction, you can turn your thoughts into things. Can I ask you something now? What’s on your mind? Ten dollars, $100, $1,000 or one billion dollars? You are thinking and dreaming. Thinking and dreaming is FREE. Why don’t you think about bigger things, huge amount of money, successful businesses, lots of stock shares instead of just thinking small.

If you think $1,000,000 you can get it. Just consistently think about it. Think about it day and night. And soon, you will get it.

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How to Think Big

  • Practice thinking huge some of money.
  • Write your goals and plans. Make some changes for small things. Change them into bigger ones.
  • Don’t be contented on what you have right now. But, it doesn’t mean you should become greedy.
  • Remember what Donald Trump said “You have to think anyway, so why not think big?”

How to Dream Big

  • List all your dreams.
  • If you dream for a ordinary car, dream for luxury cars.
  • If you dream for $1,000 per week profit, dream for $365,000 profit per month.
  • If you dream to have a successful business, dream for successful businesses.
  • Dreaming to have a mansion? Dream for a mansion and a real estate properties that generates money.

Why Big is Better than Small

  • Literally, sometimes bigger things are better than small things. Sometimes, small things are better than big things.
  • To become successful, you must love “BIG” accomplishments than ordinary small achievements.
  • Big is better than small in personal finance, business and investing. Imagine how happy you will become if you manage $10,000,000.00 than managing $1,000.00

Benefits You Can Get When You Start to Think Big

Here is the summary and conclusion why you should think BIG and dream BIG. One of the benefits of think big and dreaming big is “satisfaction”. Imagine the satisfaction you get if you serve millions of people with your high quality products and services.

Satisfaction. You read it right. Have you ever asked yourself “why you are getting tired but making only small”. Getting small results but working too hard and spending equal time is unfair. Do you think it’s fair to work hard then just get small results?

You are working anyway! You are spending time anyway! Why not spend time and work for something that can give you BIG thing. Small accomplishments and big accomplishments both required efforts. I heard many people do small efforts but get big results. But many of us, are getting small results using huge efforts.

So, beginning today, you should think BIG and dream BIG. You are thinking and dreaming for free. You are doing something that require efforts and energy. Make the most of your efforts and energy by thinking big first and get bigger results later.

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