Get Rich or Die Trying Quotes

Posted by Grace under Money on September 17, 2015

The phrase – get rich or die trying quote is a famous quote! I will surely get rich or I will die trying! Period! I declare it and I will work for it. 10 years from now I will become a multi-millionaire. I will try everything until I found the most effective ways to become rich fast. Maybe you ask; why do you want to become rich fast? My answer to that question is very simple. I want to enjoy the rest of my life while I am still young. I want to become free. Financial freedom is all I need. I believe any person who achieved financial freedom can have instant time freedom. Some reasons why I want to become rich fast will also written in this page.

Time freedom and financial freedom are the great instruments to make a person’s life happy. I don’t believe when someone will say money can’t buy happiness. It can buy happiness. It really can! Will you become happy when you spend quality time with your family and friends?


How can you spend more quality time with them if you are spending all your time working for long hours to earn money? Would you become so happy if you have a lot of money working for you and all you need to do is to get the profits and spend them to enjoy your life with your family and friends? Of course, that’s why, beginning today, you should try to get rich or die trying!

If you are following, I already mention few months ago about my retirement plan and how much money should I have when I retire. What about you? What’s your retirement plan and how much money do you really need to consider yourself wealthy and rich!

Get Rich or Die Trying Quotes

In the movie get rich or die tryin’, the conversation of Marcus and Bama became so famous, and it can consider as an unforgettable and quotable quotes to remember;

In the movie Marcus once said…

“Its like when I’m right I’m right, when I’m wrong I could been right, so I’m still right cause I coulda been wrong, you know, and I’m sorry cause I could be wrong right now, I could be wrong, but if I’m right…

…There’s just some things that need answers, I’d rather die like a man than live like a coward.

Those lines can make you think. Getting rich requires courage and braveness especially when the time you need to take risk. I hope those quotes will inspire you. The first quote means you should be “sure” on what you are doing. Don’t speculate! The second quote justify our topic, i’d rather die trying to get rich than remain poor without doing anything (coward).

Introduction: Get Rich or Die Trying is my online financial tool to track the rate of return on investment in stocks and mutual funds. I invest money in stocks, mutual funds and unit trusts. My goal is to achieve my target earning asset as early as I can so that sooner, the money I earned is working for me.

I generate income online. Through blogging and selling affiliate products, I am making extra money. Making money from home is one of my goals. I need more passive income that can help me generate money for my investment baskets.

Those investment baskets (paper assets) are the instruments to achieve my ultimate goal in life – to become and happy and rich. I will get rich or die trying. From time to time I face challenges. There are times when I need money most to enjoy my life for simple pleasure but my mind keep on saying, you need permanent happiness not temporary happiness.

What do I mean by permanent success? Permanent success means you don’t have to worry about money for the rest of your life. While temporary success means you enjoy today buying the things you want and suffer tomorrow.

Get Rich Investing in Stocks or Die Trying

I will get rich or die trying. My plan is to focus investing in stocks. I will pull out my funds in mutual funds and unit trusts. I will sell some of my real estate properties.

I will study hard to become skillful in stock market investing. I will become rich in stock market investing. All my stock shares will convert into millions. However, I don’t have a plan in selling all my shares.

My plan is to generate passive income every year wherein it sustain the lifestyle I choose. I know getting rich requires sacrifices and common sense. I will do whatever it takes to succeed in this journey. I will become rich or die trying! God will help me achieve my goal.

More Money, More Time, More Freedom

This is true. I strongly agree with the statement “more money, more time, more freedom”. Why? When you have more money, you don’t need to work (you only work because you choose it, not because it’s a chance), more money can give you more time. As I have explained earlier.

The reasons why I want to get rich are;

  • To have more time worshiping my God.
  • To help other people in need.
  • To give my family a quality life.
  • To buy the things I really need for my family.
  • To live the life I really deserve.
  • To enjoy the rest of my life.

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