The Millionaire Teacher: I will Teach You to Be Rich

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I will teach you to be rich but let me know if you want to be called as The Millionaire Teacher or a poor teacher. What is the minimum yoga instructor salary? Name some rich teachers you personally know and observe their daily activities, routine and lifestyle. If you want to be called as The Millionaire Teacher, then be an investor and be a business owner so that aside from teaching, you can earn extra income.

A teacher can be rich by being a business-owner or an investor. The salary of the teacher is not enough to have a decent life. According to Robert T. Kiyosaki, “we can be anything we want to be in any of the quadrants, even a teacher. What do almost many teachers are complaining? Their salary. If the salary will only received only small amount of money, what should they do to become rich and retire millionaire? A teacher should know how to manage his own finances and learn how to earn extra money by being a business owner or an investor. I agree that “teaching” is the noblest of all professions. For some, teaching is fun. But for many, teaching is stressful.


To teach is to inspire. To teach is to educate. Teachers produced doctors, engineers, architects, business owners and even investors. Without a teacher, a business owner don’t know how to solve basic problem solving in math when he want to compute the gross income, expenses and net income. A teacher also just teached the investors and other billionaires how to read, write, analyze and criticize where these skills can be use in investing whether it be in real estate or in the stock market.

Good News: A Teacher Can Be Rich

Let me cite what Robert Kiyosaki said in his book Cashflow Quadrant, Guide to Financial Freedom;

“Whenever I hear teachers say they aren’t paid enough, I feel for them. The irony is that they are a product of their own system’s programming. They look at being a teacher from the point of view of the E Quadrant rather than the B or I quadrant. Remember, you can be anything you want to be in any of the quadrants, even a teacher.”

Source: Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant, Guide to Financial Freedom, Author: Robert T. Kiyosaki, page 210.

If the teachers aren’t paid enough, what should he do? He should think something and do something to increase his income. While he is an employee (as a teacher), he can become an entrepreneur, start his own business or even an investor. A teacher can invest in the stock market easily. A teacher can flip houses (real estate investing). They buy a house and lot, then sell it. The millionaire teacher knows how to make money effortlessly.

A Teacher can be Rich by Owning a Business and Being an Investor

There are many ways to make money. A teacher can increase his income and the best thing is he can use his profession to earn extra income. One good thing, some teacher earns a lot and much more higher than their salary as a teacher after they decided to start their own business and invest money.

If a teacher use his spare time in doing a business, he can make a lot of money. The money he can earn from his extra time will add up to his salary so that his monthly income will increase. What are they easy ways to make money, through selling.

If a teacher wants to get rich, he should rely in passive income not in working income. What’s the difference between the two?  A working income can earn using your time and effort. While passive income can earn using less effort or nothing at all. A teacher should know how to earn passively. Say for example, if a teacher has a 2 unit apartment (as his own real estate investment), he can earn passively from rentals monthly.

The Millionaire Teacher

Being a teacher is not easy. You need to study hard, pass the licensure examinations for teachers, apply for a teaching job, wait for a call, get rank and get hired. There is a long process before you can teach. And when you teach, your salary sometimes is very little especially if you are planning to have a big size family.

Being a teacher is challenging. For me, it is a “calling”. Being a teacher is a obligation and serious duty. Molding your minds isn’t a joke. Making little amount of money after working hard isn’t a joke. In my opinion, teachers should be the highest paid in all professions.

If you are teaching poor students, you must be wealthy first, be a role model to poor students. Make yourself rich as a teacher so that your students will become inspired and be like you – a millionaire. It’s up to you if you want to get rich teaching english, math or philosophy or want to get rich as a investor and a business owner.


A teacher can be rich if he know how to make extra income and just don’t rely on his salary. If a teacher get paid well, he will not complain. But if the government can’t hear their complaints, one of the best thing a teacher should do is to increase their income passively. Passive income requires less effort on teacher’s part. And passive income is recommended for teachers because of their busy schedules.

Are you a teacher? Do you want to get rich? Then be a business owner or be an investor and start earning money passively. Share this page if you agree. Thank you.

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