The Holy Spirit on Holy Week & Easter Sunday

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Want to know how to feel the holy spirit not just on holy week, not just on Easter Sunday, not only on Holy Thursday, but, every time you attend the worship service in your church. Let us talk about the holy week. Let’s just forget some topics about money today. Whether you are a Catholic or belong to other religion, the Holy Week in written in the international holidays on calendar days. Actually the Holy Week should be considered as the real “holy days”. Would you choose to celebrate on holidays or “holy days”?

There are many people who are waiting for the coming of Easter Dates, and also, there are numerous people who considered Holy Week as “time to relax”. They go to beach, malls and watch cinemas. In this post, I will give you some ideas on how to make the holy week a meaningful one.


Holy Week & The Holy Spirit in the Church

How do you know that you are with the holy spirit? I am not a preacher. To know whether the holy spirit is with you or not, examine yourselves. The holy spirit is not only inside the church. It is everywhere. How do you usually live your life? How do you treat other people? Do you live in a righteous way? Or do you feel guilty now doing forbidden things such as;

  • Adultery
  • Dishonesty
  • Gambling
  • Etc.

If you think you are living your life righteously, you have now the rights to ask the Lord our savior whatever you want. But, if you think you are sinful, ask for forgiveness of your sins before you receive the holy communion.

The Holy Spirit on Holy Week & Easter Sunday

Image Credit: Luz Adriana Villa via Flickr CC 2.0

Meaningful Holy Communion & Holy Week

The Holy Communion is one of the most awaited part or program during worship services. People attend the holy mass and they believe if they will receive the holy communion, they will be blessed. What’s the sense of the holy communion?

  • To remember the body of Christ
  • To remember the sacrifice of Christ

After they received the “holy communion”, they will keep on doing their bad habitat, saying bad words, unfaithful to their spouses, gambling, hatefulness, greediness, etc.

Holy Week Suggested Activities

The Holy Week should celebrate as “Holy” not just an ordinary day. Here are some of the common ways on how to make the Holy Week more meaningful.

  • Say your most important prayer and ask for forgiveness of sins.
  • Watch “The Passion of the Christ” with your family.
  • Watch other true story from the bible.
  • Watch the Story of Jesus, Moses, Job and Abraham.
  • Promise to yourself and to God, that, beginning today you will only think about love not hate, about the things you are grateful for not the things you don’t have.
  • Read bible verses with your kids, spouses, friends and whole family.

Those are some of the activities you can do this holy week. Add other bright ideas on how to spend the holy week more meaningful. I hope you liked this post and may the Lord bless you good health and prosperity.

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