Taste the Feeling Trademark of Coca Cola

Posted by Grace under Business on January 30, 2016

The taste the feeling trademark is own by Coca Cola. Taste the Feeling – it is a short and beautiful phrase where Coca-Cola used it as its trademark. While I am watching NBA awhile ago, I have noticed hat Coca-Cola have a new TV commercial.

The brand Coca-Cola is already popular. The reasons why I want to write this topic “Taste the Feeling“, it is because I want you to share your reviews about the brand campaign. Second, I want you to share your opinions why even popular brands are using such “slogan” or “trademark”.


Taste the Feeling Trademark

You can’t just use the phrase “Taste the Feeling”. If you are writing a piece of music or making a poster, be sure you will not use this trademark.

A trademark is useful if a company wants people to remember the brand or the product. There are many slogans, phrases or words where big companies used as their trademarks. Other examples are;

  • Coca Cola – Taste the Feeling
  • Pizza Hut – Make it Great
  • BDO – We Find Ways
  • Metrobank – You’re in Good Hands

Those are some examples of trademarks that we should not use.

Taste the Feeling Trademark of Coca Cola

When I saw the commercial, I was impressed. YES I was. The words “taste the feeling” is somewhat catchy. I think many people will remember it. But of course, the brand “coca-cola” or “coke” will still be most remember by many people than “Taste the Feeling“.

Enhance your sense of taste by drinking Coke. If you can’t taste Coke, then you might losing sense of taste. When you drink coke with feeling, maybe you are just enjoying drink and you think how great it is to be with friends, loved ones eating together.

I love drinking Coke. When I am tired and when I am eating my lunch. I prefer to drink coke than any soft drinks available. I love it. So, what can you say about the Coke “taste the feeling trademark“? Will this slogan be the most famous slogans in the world? Share your opinion below.

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One comment on “Taste the Feeling Trademark of Coca Cola

  1. Dorothy Coke Lover says:

    I can’t imagine the world without coke. The Coca Cola company is amazing and it is one of the best business model in the world. Such a creative branding and TV commercials. I also watched the TV ads, too.

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