Taking Risk: #1 Reason Why Investing Money is So Difficult for Beginners

Posted by Grace under Investing on January 14, 2017

When I ask my colleagues to invest in the stock market, they will only say that the stock market is only for rich people. They don’t even think that if they want to get rich, they should do what rich people do. And that is, investing. Here are some of the few reasons, alibis and excuses why investing is so difficult to do for other people especially beginners and poor people.

When we say investing, it sounds “interesting”. Yes, it is interesting but the one who hears it are not really interested if they don’t take action. In investing, you need to take risks.


Taking risk. That is one of the common problems why other people especially poor people don’t invest money. But they aren’t also actually conscious that they are already taking risks everyday. When they go to workplaces, they took risk. When other people go to some places, it means they are already taking risk. It is not about money, but they risk their whole life while going to workplace. Imagine if you’re o the road, and something bad happened. Oh, now you know you’re already taking risk.

Take Risk Quote:

“Take risk. If you will win, you’ll become happy and if you lose you will become wise.” This is my favorite quote about taking risk. This is absolutely true. Whatever we achieve, we’l become happy on those achievements. Imagine the rewards you can get if you will invest 30% of your income. Imagine the reward if you take risk investing money in real estate, forex and stocks.

Less Talk, More Actions

Huh okay, that’s a good information. Maybe you will also feel that way when someone explained to you you can build enough funds for your retirement. But, did you took action after you’ve heard the benefits of investing money?

Just take risk and you’ll become rich. That’s not what I am talking about here. One of the best way to take risk is think deeply and analyze the investment opportunity before you put your hard-earned money into it. Other people don’t invest because they spend too much thinking about the risk but they don’t even spend some time to think the great rewards they can possibly get when they invest.

Of course, the reward is always proportionate to the risk you take. One thing you should not forget about taking risk is “management”.

Taking Risk: #1 Reason Why Investing is So Difficult for Beginners

Many people are afraid to risk. That’s the number one reasons why the don’t invest. They think that their investments will only disappear. They feel they are at the losing end if they will invest money.

If you just take risk but you don’t know how to manage risk, then, that’s the time you are only losing money. But in the first place, you analyze the risk before you invest, that’s the time you will get profit from taking risk. So, don’t just take risk, manage risks as well.

Warren Buffett said in “Risk comes from not KNOWING what you’re doing”. Therefore, there is no reasons why you should afraid to invest your money if you’re really sure what you’re doing.  I hope you learned some thing on this short post. Stay tuned to InvestmentTotal.com for more encouragement and investing tips.

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