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Renew Domain Name Cost for Another Year – InvestmentTotal.Com

Posted April 1, 2015 under General Info | No Comments

Looking for information on renew domain name cost per year? Well, it depends on your domain name registrant. It’s been few months when How to Invest Money blog or announced its first year anniversary. Today its 2nd year anniversary is coming. I renew the domain name – How much? It cost around eleven dollars. […]

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Chinese New Year Beliefs and Superstitions

Posted February 2, 2015 under General Info | No Comments

Looking for Chinese new year beliefs and superstitions? Read further to read more and add your own beliefs if you are Chinese using the comment box. Happy New Year to all Chinese people around the world especially to my readers from China Town, USA.  Every second week of February the event was celebrated. Happy New […]

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5 Famous New Year 2018 Resolution that Fails

Posted December 29, 2014 under General Info | No Comments

Here are the famous new year resolution that always fails. Failing shouldn’t be your plan for this coming new year. Sometimes, it is ironic when we see other people trying hard to change the way they are, if they are obese, they want to lose weight. During new year (December 1 until February) many people […]

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New Year’s Resolution 2017; I want to Become a Successful Investor

Posted December 4, 2014 under Investing | No Comments

Almost everyone has a New Year’s Resolution for this coming year 2017. Hey, just be a grateful investor, not all people knows about investing. You have the opportunity to get rich and live the life you truly deserve! Here is my new year’s resolution for 2017 and the reasons why I am so grateful this […]

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