Sunday Times Rich List UK: Wealthiest British People

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If you are looking for the wealthiest British people, you can use Sunday Times Rich List UK as your guide. While I am browsing the internet and searching for the richest people in United Kingdom, I visited Sunday Times official website but I need to subscribe just to access the article or the page wherein the richest British was written provided with the net worth, I think. Mostly, when a man became rich, he would also became influential and famous. 

See also, most influential British people. In my own opinion, it is advisable to know the list of the rich people and study how they became rich. As the old saying goes, do what rich people do and get rich, too. If you are from UK, this is the right time to study how British Billionaires became wealthy.


Sunday Times Rich List UK Newspaper
The Sunday Times | Photo Credit: Howard Lake CC 2.0

Sunday Times Rich List UK Publications

The previous publications of Sunday Times Rich List UK for 2014 has been divided in two parts. The first publication is the Super Rich, the “super rich” was published on May 11, 2014. There are one hundred seven (107) billionaires in Britain and in Ireland and the wealthiest around the world. 

The second part is about the “rich list”. It was published on May 11, 2014 wherein you will know the one thousand (1,000) richest people in Britain and the fifty (50) richest under thirty (30), the two hundred fifty (250)the millionaires in music. In this publication, you will also know the biggest charitable donations and top donors who are connected in politics.

In order to get the copy of Sunday Times Rich List UK publications, you need to subscribe via online at Note: There is a corresponding subscription fee. 

For as low as £1, you can get a subscription to Sunday Time Rich List UK. To join or subscribe, just visit The Times and The Sunday Times UK content are accessible to tablet, smartphone and online. 

Update: When I visited the site. The subscription for 13 weeks, you will pay for as low as
£20 and then just £2 per week 3 month minimum term

Access to Sunday Times Rich List UK

After you have subscribe, you have to log in using your email address and password to access the publications online. For more information, please visit the official website of Sunday Times or call at 0800 389 8530. 

Disclaimer: This website is not affiliated to Sunday Times. All business names and trademarks mentioned in this page or website are own by their respective companies. If you found any wrong information, please contact the website admin or do write the latest information in the comment box. 

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