Success Guide: Laziness Versus Taking Action

Posted by Grace under Life Hacks on August 5, 2013

Success guide for every lazy people. If you are a college student, teachers or employees. Learn how to succeed in your career using these tips. Plan ahead for your future. As I have mentioned in my first post on how to get a job easily, you must take action and you should not be a lazy man to find the dream job you ever want. Sure success is just the sum of taking 100% action toward your goal.

Remember you want to be a rich man that’s why you want to have a decent job, right? Do you think laziness is the solution?


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A big NO, of course. Once in a while, you should think if you are doing good that is related in your goal, what are you doing everyday must be accompanied or related to your goal, example if you want to become rich, then all you action must be all about how to acquire wealth.

If you are taking action and you are not just planning, you are on your way to success, remember a “goal without action is just a wish”.

Success Guide: Avoid Being Lazy

The “bukas na lang” concept of some Filipino is a dangerous word that contradict success, if you want to succeed, then you must do what you should/must do today, as the old saying goes “do not do tomorrow what you can do today”.

You must be a productive man, you must save time and at the same time you are making a lot money. Make sure you are spending your time that will help your goal.

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Set A Specific Goal

You must have a specific goal, when we say specific goal, it should be attainable, and you should know when and how you can achieve that goal. Example, if you want own a “car”, you must plan how and when can you buy a car, should it be a brand new or a pre-owned car, it’s up to you.

Then you must plan, how much money you should have to buy your dream car, plan also how to have that specific amount of money so that you can buy that car.

What is SUCCESS, Define It Now!

For me, success is an important word that everyone should never forget, success is a moment when you have achieve your goal, success for me is you can buy everything you want and you can go wherever and whenever you want to go into your favorite place. A successful person has been achieve time and financial freedom, do you want to achieve time and financial freedom, then, you must read the next article about plan ahead for your future.

If you really want to become successful. then taking action is a must. When do you want to achieve your goal in life? Is it tomorrow, next month, after 2 years or more. We all know “action beats inaction”. make sure everyday, you take action, an action or work related to what do you want to accomplish. To succeed, to must face every challenges, example, even if you are not in a good mood, you should dress up and get up and go on.

Try to analyze why sometimes you are lazy and sometimes you aren’t. Is it because you are not well motivated, you are not making any money, or maybe you are doing what you don’t love.

Other Useful Success Guide

To fight worry, fear and laziness, one must have an winning attitude, an attitude that no one can stop him until he get what he wants in life. He is unstoppable. You can get what you want in life, but do you really know what do you really want? If you know what you really want, you will never get lazy. If you’re lazy, then, you don’t have the burning desire to get what you really want, simply means yo are living with fear, doubt, worry and laziness.

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Remember this, time is gold. The moment you become lazy, that’s the first time you waste your time. You waste your time, then you waste money. Beginning today, you must plan, set your goal, take action with persistence and the success will surely come on your way. Do not forget, laziness is the enemy of success.

In Summary: To Fight Laziness and Succeed

  • Laziness means wasting of time and money.
  • “Action beats inaction”.
  • Know what you really want
  • Get motivated
  • Have a burning desire to get what you really want.
  • Impress your spouse or your kids.
  • You deserve a success.

What can you say about this success guide? Any other important things you want to consider to become successful? Share them in the comment box below.

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