Spend Money on Experiences not Things

Posted by Grace under Personal Finance on July 26, 2015

An old quote “experience is the best teacher” is really true. It is good to spend money on experiences not things. Let’s find out. If you are a teenager, you may want to know how to spend your money as a teenager before you will go ahead in this article. Can I ask you something, are you the one who earned money or you just ask money from someone else.

Maybe this article can give you a time to choose the best out of life, is it experience or possessions? If you ask your professor, he might said, you should invest money in education, or he might say posses a lot of experiences, knowledge and skills than material things. Materials things can lose easily while your experiences will remain forever.


Spend Money on Experiences not Things

Example #1

If you experience how to do something that anyone can’t do, you’re lucky because that certain skills can be an instrument to earn as much money as you can. That’s why, parents are preparing for their child education to make sure that their children will have a better future. A better future means you gained not just finances but also skills and knowledge to survive. You can gain experiences such as

  • Selling something to make money
  • Investing money to make money
  • Teaching someone to earn money
  • Doing something to earn a decent living
  • Creating something and become rich

People Who Spend Money on Experiences

People who spend money on experiences simply investing money on education. If you will ask me, I will choose experiences and not money. You know why? It is because when I have a lot of experiences, simply means I have many more chances to make a lot of money.

Example #2

If I have an experience on how to create an architectural design in Automatic Computer Aided Design, then I can earn a living out of it.

There are many good things to spend money on especially during holiday seasons. Instead of wasting money in cinemas or travel, try to attend investing seminar, or attend business and entrepreneurship seminar. This way, you will increase your knowledge in personal finance, investing and starting a business. Who knows, at a young age, you can become a successful entrepreneur.

Cool Things to Spend Money On

Those things are fun and cool, right? Your parents might support you and give you extra money to help you start your own business. Do not get jealous to your friends when they travel and spend their whole money. Someday, my dear young reader, believe me, if you spend money by investing for your financial future, they will be the one to get jealous. You will retire early, you are traveling early at age 55 while your friend today might still working for someone else.

Maybe you are thinking, I only live once. It is just right if I will buy happiness today as long as I have money and when I am still young. The question is, until when your money give you happiness? Can your money give you lifetime happiness or temporary happiness? That’s why, here at InvestmentTotal.com, we recommend to every young readers who wishes to meet time and financial freedom as early as they can by investing their money.

Summing Up

Spend your money on experiences by attending investing and business seminars and workshops. If you will spend on things, make sure the things you bought can appreciate in value like real estate, stocks, mutual fund shares and trust investments accounts.

A brand new shoes, mobile phones, luxury dress or even the latest electronic gadget will only depreciate value. If you buy a phone worth $500 today, don’t expect it to sell it $500 tomorrow. While on the other hand, if you will but stock shares or a piece of land worth $5,000 today, you can sell it $7,000 after few years.

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