Social Networking for Business to Reach Customers Online

Posted by Grace under Business on September 20, 2015

Do you want to know how social networking for business online can help you reach more customers and generate more sales? If you’re a newbie entrepreneur and you are facing difficulties on how to get more customers, you need to set up your social networking for business online. Social networking sites can help you make your business noticed by millions of people. However, you need to target specific audience if you want to succeed in social networking.

There are different websites that has millions or even billions of users, take a look of Facebook and Twitter? Do you have a business page or business account with these popular and most visited websites?


Consider making a Facebook page for business now. When you have your FB page, you can advertise it or if you’re lucky enough people will like your business page. The more you get likes or fans to your FB business page, the more chances you can get customers.

Start saying something important in your business page. Don’t make a sales pitch. Remember, people online wants to socialize not to buy something. So, you better start making friends with them and tell them to like your business page.

Best Sites to Do Social Networking for Business Online

1. Facebook Marketing

As I have said awhile ago, the more likes and fans, the more customers you can get online. And the more customers, the more chances of making sales. If you want to see great results, you can advertise your business page.

The first option for social networking for business is a Facebook business page. The other options that you can try are as follows;

2. Twitter Account for Business

Get more Twitter followers. The trick here is to follow the famous personalities or other business in your niche. If you are in health niche, consider following people and famous websites in that niche.

3. Google Plus Page for Business

FYI, although it’s not a popular, you should know that Google plus is also one of the most visited social sites. You can also create a Google plus page for your business if you want too.

4. YouTube Video Marketing for Your Business

Do you have products? Try to create a very entertaining video, a funny video or if you want, try to create a commercial like video and upload it in YouTube. Create your YouTube channel for your business. I know you are watching videos on YouTube, what have you noticed? After few minutes there are commercials, you can also advertise on YouTube if you want.

Tips in Making Social Networking for Business

Do create those necessary things like Facebook page and Twitter business account. You have to promote those pages with your friends and neighbors. When you have fliers, mentioned those pages and accounts in your fliers. Do target customers locally. If you are selling roofing materials in New York, don’t waste your time promoting your page to people living in the Middle East Asia.

Make your page unique and always with interactions. When your fans and followers commented on your post, do rely immediately. Also, don’t spam. Never spam. People hate it. Besides, spamming won’t help you create credibility and can’t help you become an authority in your chosen niche.

If you want to perform social networking for business online, focus on the four big websites mentioned above. You need Facebook business page, Twitter account, Google Plus and YouTube channel for your business. From time to time, visit and always read our latest business articles and information.

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