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SEO Consultant job is to provide analysis on your business website about its ranking on search engines. SEO Consultant will help you achieve your business website goal. Whether your website needs changes or it really need to optimized so that it will rank higher in search engine results pages, the SEO expert will help you do major changes and determine the factor why it is not ranking high in SERPs.

Search Engine Optimization is very important to a business website. I have no idea why some businesses until today has no website. And if they have website, they have mediocre design and low rankings when we search for a specific keyword related to what their business niche is all about.


Hire SEO Consultant or Not?

SEO Consultant is quiet expensive. However, you will get the return on your investment when you listen and follow the recommendations of SEO consultant on what to do, what to touch and what to change in your website.

Imagine if you have a business related to furniture in a specific locations. Say for example, you are selling furniture in New York city, if someone residing in New York will search for “bed frame”, will the search engine show your website to this searcher? Hopefully.

Search for "dining table for sale in brooklyn" and analyze the paid search and the page that rank #1 in search engine results page

Search for “dining table for sale in brooklyn” and analyze the paid search and the page that rank #1 in search engine results page

What is you will do SEO consultancy for your website today and do the specific services like;

  • Analyzing your website speed
  • Analyzing what keywords your competitors are using
  • Optimizing your website pages and rank them #1 in Google and other major search engines

Care to Hire SEO Consultant

Would you care to spend dimes for SEO Consultant? I think YES. Even if you are paying hundred thousands of dollars, you will get ROI fast.

Here’s the reason why. First, people are lazy shopping by going to your furniture shop or store. They will open their high end mobile device or personal computer or laptop and search an item for sale on the internet.

That’s how we observe the shoppers. They like convenient shopping. Now, don’t tell me you don’t like sales. Convert your website visitors into customers. Maybe you asked, how do I make sure that hiring SEO consultant is worth it.

Simple, analyze other businesses. How do they make huge sales. Observe their websites. Observe their marketing strategy. They use search engine marketing. And as far as business concerns, search engine marketing is the effective way to have a target visitors to your website. Try to share your website page in social sites. Yes, they will go to your website but the question is, are these visitors ready to buy? No! You just disturb them while they are socializing online. And whose your best visitors ever? The one that came from search engines!

seo consultancy services

Image Credit: Oriol Pascual on Creative Commons 2.0 via Flickr

Fortunately, SEO Consultants can help you achieve this matter. They will find keywords for your website, rank those keywords,  convert organic visits to customers and BINGO, you make sale.

Tips and Warnings

  • Hire SEO Expert with proven results from other business websites.
  • When hiring SEO Consultant, request to show his/her portfolio and previous works.
  • SEO Services need not to be expensive, if it is, it’s worthwhile.
  • Hire SEO Experts from SEO services company.
  • Do not transact or talk online, go to office or talk personally with the SEO Expert.
  • Sometimes, you can save more if you will try independent SEO consultant.
  • Look for SEO consulting services in your area by searching online. How come they are not in the first page of Google if they are really competent SEO experts. Funny, right? Try this search string “seo expert for hire in new york city”. (replace “new york city”).


Maybe you asked, what does an SEO consultant do? A SEO consultant will conduct a full SEO website audit. He will also make local SEO marketing campaigns. He will analyze your website if its user friendly and improve user experience. One of the basic job of SEO consultant is keyword mapping, keyword discovery, analysis and keyword rankings.

Imagine how much money you can save if your pages is listed and ranked #1 in search engine results page. You will save a lot of money compare to other companies who are relying to paid search or pay per click advertising.

Can you do those task or can any of your company staffs do it? No! Many big websites has their own SEO experts. Especially those companies who offers products and services that can sell online. So, you should hire SEO consultant for you to beat your competitors online.

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