How to Sell Yourself in a Job Interview?

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How to sell yourself in an interview with no experience successfully in 30 seconds using these job interview question and answers examples. During the job interview, you only need to be simple and smart enough. In most cases, the job interviewer will never look at your clothes but the way how you talk and communicate.

Learning how to sell yourself in a job interview is very simple. Practice makes perfect in any ways. Before, you go to job interview, be sure to check your overall look, your grooming. Although it doesn’t give so much weight in your interview, but believe me, it counts.


Who knows, the interviewer may like you because of your look. (just kidding). To sell yourself in a job interview, you must know what you write in your resume. The answers to questions in an interview are already in your resume. But be prepared to other important interview questions such as the company profile you are planning to work at.

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The following tips might be the most effective preparation for the job interview. In order for you to sell yourself in a job interview successfully, you must first convince yourself, that you like yourself, you love yourself, you believe in yourself and most of all you should convince yourself that you are unique.

How to Sell Yourself in a Job Interview?

1. Be yourself.

Be yourself. But it doesn’t mean, you shouldn’t improve yourself. Get some great dress our there and make yourself beautiful.

2. Master yourself.

Know your strength and weakness. Your favorites, skills, talents, hobbies, education, family background, etc. You don’t even know that 70% of interview questions is all about “yourself”

3. Know who you’re talking too.

Think as if you’re talking to a customer. You don’t want to lose your customer. Treat him/her with respect. And most of all, create a good impression. Don’t let him/her go without even buying a single product from you. In this case, sell yourself.

4. Know what you really want.

If you know what you really want, you will do anything to pass the interview. You will never sell yourself in an interview if you don’t like the company or the position are applying for.

How to Sell Yourself in a Job Interview

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5. Keep it short and simple.

There are many questions that requires an answer YES or NO. If the question needs explanation, then explain it.

6. Nod and smile.

During the interview, sometimes the interviewer will just explain some important things, all you need to do is to listen, nod and smile. This indicates that you are a good listener and you’re interested on what the interviewer is talking about.

7. Don’t forget proper posture.

Act like a celebrity. Before you go to job interview. Watch a TV show. A host talk. Observe how a celebrity pose and act.

8. Be confident, but, don’t over do it.

To sell yourself in a job interview, you must be confident, but don’t over do it.

9. That great right hand.

Do not forget “hand shaking”. It will leave a great impression, too.

Summary: Sell Yourself in a Job Interview

So, here’s the tips you’re looking for fellas. Read these tips carefully;

  • If you want to sell yourself in a job interview successfully, think as if you’re the owner of the company.
  • If you want to sell yourself in a job interview, preparation is the key. Know yourself and master yourself.
  • Be confident enough. Be smart. Spend time to research.
  • Be honest especially when the interviewer will ask you about the compensation you really want.

Have something to say about this guide? Want to share some cool tricks on how to sell yourself in a job interview? Leave a comment below. Do not forget to share these interview tips with other job hunters.

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