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Woah! Just having self made millionaire stories success! I got a great conversation with a multi-millionaire! Yesterday, I met a multi-millionaire. He is into business and his niche is “steel”. I talk with him as an old friend of mine, a brother in church and a role model. I want to share this because me and this self-made millionaire had a great conversation and I asked him few important questions regarding how to succeed and how to become really wealthy.He added some things about his retirement plan. A shocking type of retirement plan. I mean shocking because his retirement plan is “unique”. Note: I don’t want to disclose his name , his business and the address were he is living right now. This man is simple, confident and bossy. Every time he open his mouth to speak, he talk inspiring and logical.Important Reminder: I know you will understand easily this conversation written in simple and plain English. So, just make a judgement afterwards (and your judgement should not be in the English grammar but to the intention why I include this conversation in my blog – and of course, know how this multi-millionaire think when it comes to riches, purpose in life and what is HAPPINESS and SUCCESS all about.

Learn from this Success Stories of a Self Made Millionaire

Conversation with Rich | Photo Credit: Ed Kohler CC 2.0

I call him brother, because he is my brethren inside the Church. I went to his business office, found out the number of employees plus his “cars, store branches, and how big is warehouse for his steel business”. I know he started nothing, from zero to multi-millionaire.


His Character and Attitude

  • Helpful – he don’t even think twice to help those in needs.
  • Faithful – prayerful, he always do his obligation inside the church ( a choir member).
  • Talkative and funny – he is very talkative but his talks make sense even his jokes makes you really think logically.
  • Disciplinarian – he is a disciplinarian
  • Workaholic – he is working until 12 mid night, sometimes until 2:00 am.

Self Made Millionaire Stories Success

Me: You’re very successful, you made it. I am very proud of you brother. I know you deserve all this things.
Self-Made Millionaire: No, I am not wealthy, God is wealthy. God is very kind. He is doing is promises not only to my business but also to my family. Many people say I am wealthy but the fact is I am not.

His Assets and His Business

Me: Are you renting this lot for your warehouse or bought it yourself.
Self-Made Millionaire: I bought it last year, actually the space is not enough for my business operation. There are investors who is willing to be my business partner, next month this “enterprises” will soon be a corporation and the company will need a extra big lot for the operation.

Me: Huh, you mean, the business you started will be a corporation? How about the risk and the profit distribution?
Self-Made Millionaire: I think about that already. They agree with the 60/40 agreement. 60% for them and the other 40% profit will be mine plus they agree to rent my warehouse and I will the manager and my wife will also work in the company.

He added, a successful business will be more successful if there are many people think about its progress. He jokingly said, “I only one brain, my brain will explode if I will think too big in one thing just to make it successful”. At least, my business partners will think other strategies to make this business bigger and bigger.

He added, “My plan is to make at least 700,000 to 2,000,000 every month passively after 10 years”. I responded, “wow – that’s an awesome income”.

His Retirement Plan
Me: What is your retirement plan? When do you want to retire? In what age?
Self-Made Millionaire: I plan to retire at 55. I am now 44, I still have 11 years to prepare.

Me: That’s an early retirement?
Self-Made Millionaire: Yes, it’s an early retirement, but for God’s purpose, if he want me to retire too young, that would be fine, if too old, that’s also be fine. I always talk to God about my plan.

Me: What do you want to do during retirement?
Self-Made Millionaire: My plan is to do my obligation in our local church congregation. And spend the rest of my life serving our Father above.

Me: Oww, you know brother. I’ve been talk to other millionaires but your retirement plan is unique. You deserve enjoyment, don’t you have the plan to travel?
Self-Made Millionaire: My business partners are inviting me to travel abroad. But for me, that is not the way to happiness and fulfillment, it’s just a waste of time and money.

He added, I am happy when  I make everyone’s happy.

Me: (I change the topic) I found a good investment, I invest in stocks and mutual funds, have you tried it?
Self-Made Millionaire: Yes, but not n direct stocks, my cousins invest in stocks. I prefer to buy insurance and focus myself and energy building my business.

Me: I know you went to trials, challenges and difficulties, what is your ultimate challenge to succeed as an entrepreneur?
Self-Made Millionaire: When I get married I am working in Manila, I work all night long. Sometimes I didn’t go to church, that’s a big mistakes. I prayed to God to show me the way to be always with my family and serve Him freely.

He added, “when I started this business, I cried everyday and every night. Every time I attend the worship services, I cried so hard and I always consult with God about my plan.”

He added, “There are days that me and my family eats nothing but a rice and a soy sauce. But still, before we eat we pray at Him and ask his guidance.”

Me: What’s your secret?
Self-Made Millionaire: That would be the same question asked by many friends and brethrens. My secret is simple, whatever you do consult with God, ask guidance and do your part. I work all day and all night long. Can you still work until mid night? If you can, chances are you may succeed, too.

He added, “I wonder why many people are afraid to die and get hungry. They want to follow God but still in their mind, they don’t want to become poor and experience hunger”.

“We only need few things, just a small things, a food to eat to survive. If you don’t believe God will provide that, you can never follow Him, or you can follow him for a month or few, but suddenly you will get tired following Him. You know what, all His promises are fulfilled in my life. He is a living God”.

“Do you still remember the old times when we make a choir practice from 4am to 7 am?. I have nothing those times, no money for my family, but I believe that when I fulfill my duty, He will bless me all I want – and this is it”.

Some other conversation: I have no time to share to you some other things we’ve talk to. But he mention, he is not afraid to die. Believe it or not, there are few millionaires who just wants to serve God for the rest of their lives.

Thought to Remember

Faith can move mountains according to the bible. But this will only be true if you have true faith. Wherein true faith can only be tested during darkest hours. If you want to succeed, be willing to work and sacrifice. This multi-millionaire contribute and offers large amount of money inside the church.

He said, “If I offer 1,000,000 this year, I will make sure I will offer more than that by next year”. But, I am doing it not to become famous in our local church congregation but it is my promise to God. I promised Him when I started nothing, I will be my priority to save money for my offerings and not to forget my duty – to sing praises to Him.”

According to him, “I believe in the old saying birds of the same feather flocks together”. I know what he mean to say, I should start looking a for a friends with the same mindset as I am. Finally: I hugged a multi-millionaire.

It’s Your Turn – My Turn, Too!

What about you? What is your plan when you become a multi-millionaire? Being a multi-millionaire is easy since you and me are investing. What is your purpose? What is your retirement plan? Share your thoughts about this self made millionaire stories success, and share this with your friends.

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