Self Improvement Ideas at Work

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Learn from this simple self improvement ideas at Do you want to change your life? Do you want to get noticed at work? Do you want a raise or you do just want an exact answer on how to improve yourself, or your entire life.

The good news is, once you found the way on how to improve yourself, your whole life will change, too. And this not more than 500 words can tell you exactly what to do.


Things You Need:

  1. Ball Pen
  2. Paper
  3. Great Clothes
  4. Excellent Wears

Step 1: Write Your Personal Goal

In this step, you just need to write down your personal goal. And one of your goal should be to improve yourself. The moment you are serious in making a plan, that’s the moment you start becoming a matured person. And of course, when you became mature, you will start seeing progress in your own life.

Write down in a paper the following. Ask yourself these questions;

  • I want to be like _______, he is smart, great and sexy.
  • I want to be like _______, and have also awesome sense of humor.
  • I will become successful after 5 years, if I will improve myself like (write what you do you want to improve here; e.g. the way you dress, the way you talk, the way you do at work).
  • I will do whatever it takes and stay focused to achieve my goal.

In our step number one, it will be very useful if you will think deeply what do you want to be, or what do you want in your life (if you want more money, healthy body, good relationship, happy family), just write it. These things will remind you that you should improve yourself.

Step 2. Analyze Yourself – Talk To Somebody

You have to talk to your best friend, a co-worker and a stranger. Talk to your best friend. he or she is the one who knows you a lot. You have to ask him or her what’s your strength and weakness.

Talk to your co-worker. You have to ask your co-worker about your skills and how productive you are. You can ask your boss about your accomplishments and how do you perform in the company. Just be honest, tell your boss that you want to help the company to generate sales. And your boss will be glad to hear that, he will surely tell you what to do.

Another things is you have to talk with a stranger. Wear your best clothes. Practice talking professionally and act like a smart guy. You will never be shy because you are just talking to a stranger. Who knows, these strangers will acknowledge you and give you the best opportunities you are looking for to achieve your goal in life.

What can you say about this idea? If you know some tips and tricks on how to improve one’s self, please write it in the comment box below. Join the conversation. Thank you!


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