Second Hand Mitsubishi Cars for Sale (Adventure, Strada, etc).

Posted by Grace under Cars for Sale on October 30, 2017

Looking for second hand Mitsubishi Cars for sale in the Philippines? Here is the updated list of Metrobank used Mitsubishi cars for sale. There is available Mitsubishi Mirage, Strada GLS sport and Mitsubishi Adventure. Repossessed cars are cars reacquired by the bank because the owner cannot afford to pay the car loan monthly amortization anymore.

Or some people use their cars has a collateral for loans. And this is your chance to buy a second hand Mitsubishi cars for sale in Metrobank. Low mileage, 2010 to 2014 car model at reasonable prices.


Second Hand Mitsubishi Cars for Sale (Adventure, Strada, etc).

This list might help you find a quality used cars especially when you preferred Mitsubishi car models. For other cars for sale including repossessed, used, second hand, pre-owned vehicles, etc, browse the cars index page of this site.

Source/Image Credit: Metrobank Philippines

For more information about this list of Metrobank second hand Mitsubishi cars for sale, contact Vilma Hernandez at telephone number 898-9001 or email at

Car Buying Tips for Beginners

  • Always compare the price of your preferred second hand Mitsubishi cars for sale in different sellers. Also, ask for discounts if you are ready to buy units.
  • Repossessed cars are hard to process when buying or bidding, however they are worth buying because you can find very very very cheap cars in the bank. Decide whether you will buy a new car or just buy a second hand cars and do not exceed in your car budget.
  • Do not forget to check the documents of the vehicle before you buy it. Also check the transmission by asking for test drive, the engine condition before you check the interior and exterior issues.
  • Finally, verify the unit or vehicle in Land Transportation Office if there are criminal issues involved.

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  1. John Christian H. Austri says:

    Hi gud am. Just want to ask if 2nd hand cars or repo cars are available to loan for 3 to 4yrs? I have an aproval for psbank for loaning a brand new one. It is possible to transfer my appruval?. tnx

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