Scholarship Grant of $5,577 in My Email, Did You Received Yours?

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Catchy email message about getting scholarship grant in United States are in my inbox, did you received yous? . And I am qualified even though I am living in Asia, hmm? This post can be related to “education” since it about “college scholarship”.

In my previous post, I wrote about getting rich without education can be possible. And it our observation, many rich people are not excellent in school. But of course, our mindset is “education is the key to success”. That’s why we continue to study and learn different things in school. Unfortunately, not all parents are can’t send their children to college. Parents and students will become interested and excited if they will read an email about college scholarship in their inbox.


What if you received an email message like these;

“Getting an awarded amount of $5,775…
Finding out if you’re qualified in 60 seconds..
Keeping every cent of your $5,775 (that you never have to pay back)”

From: Anthony Kingston

Email Address:

Read this whole message and find out what’s really in it.

Hello !

I have a fun game for you.

Let’s see if you can guess what the 3 things below have in common.

Getting an awarded amount of $5,775…
Finding out if you’re qualified in 60 seconds..
Keeping every cent of your $5,775 (that you never have to pay back)

Want the answer?

Scroll down to get it…



The answer is: fr–ee grant money for college!

It’s true, if you are qualified you can get an awarded amount of $5,775 that you never have to pay back and is yours to keep forever.

Go here to begin the process!
Why not take a few minutes to find out  what schools you can potentially attend and try to get yours?

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Anthony K.

Scholarship Grant of $5,577

The other email message was from (Daniel Martinez). I receive this email with the subject “College Info”.

Here is the message:

This mail was sent to: myemailhere on 06/21/2016
You are receiving this email because you opted into one of our site
If you wish to unsubscribe, please click here
Note that I don’t remember that I subscribe to a website related to this matter. Maybe someone is using my email. Or someone or a website (sell my email).

Hi, .

Today will be glorious!

Here’s why:

You are now eligible to apply to receive grant money.

The amount you’d get if approved is (wait for it…) $5,775*!

ALL of these funds come in the form of a check or direct deposit,
so you can use your approved grant money wherever you’d like.

Here’s how your day can become even MORE glorious…
you will never be asked to pay the money back!

You can thank me later.
Right now you need act now, so you don’t miss out on this opportunity.

It only takes a few minutes to get started and find out what schools you are potentially eligible to attend.

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Scholarship Grant of $5,577 in My Email, Did You Received Yours?

Another Scholarship-Related Email

I received this email message with a subject “Friendly Reminder”. Take note of this message. When I visit their link, it’s just a link.

From: Elizabeth Walker


By now you’ve probably heard how Bernie Sanders plans to “rebalance” America’s economy.

One of his brightest ideas (or biggest mistakes…) is to make college fee for students.

Younger voters are happy about this idea, which makes me smile because of what they don’t know:
there is already a way for people to get paid to go to college.

Haven’t you heard?

Let me explain.

Here’s what you do: go here to to see if you’re eligible for $5,775 for school.

It takes a few minutes to start.

Most people are eligible, so don’t worry about not being qualified.

Eligible students receive their funds via a direct payment into a checking account of your choice or mailed check. (This is great because you can spend the money where you need to most.)
Because the money is a grant and not a loan… it never has to be repaid!
It works for online classes as well, so you can get grant money while attending school from home.
You don’t need to elect Bernie Sanders to get paid to go to school.
This is possible right now – find out what schools you can potentially attend.
This Is a Limited Time Opportunity Take Advantage of It Now!

Elizabeth W.

Update: As of August 2016. we received the same kind of email message with a subject “Funding Available” and they used “$5,815” which is a little bit attractive. See the message;

Hey ,
Did you know that you may be entitled to up to $5,815 in funding for college?

Most people are unaware of how much money is being provided to Americans who cannot afford an education.

It only takes a few minutes to find schools and learn more about this opportunity.

One of the best parts about this is you never have to pay the money back.

Pretty awesome, right?

Change your future now

You can even use the grant money for online classes, so you can get an education on your own schedule.

Like I said, it just takes a minute to get started.

Have a great day.

And an even greater week!

Want to Learn More? Go Here Now

Grant Approvals

P.S. If you are skeptical about this, I understand.

P.P.S. Once you’ve confirmed the fact $5,815 is available for new and returning qualified students, visit the following link to get matched with schools.

Stop Receiving Email Like this

As you have noticed the number $5, 577 was used randomly in email messages and the messages are usually about “scholarship grant’. Different email message from different people but using the same number $5,577. If you don’t want to receive email like this, you have the option to “unsubscribe”.

And the bad thing about this email message is that in the content they are using the name of Bernie Sanders (United States Presidential Candidate”.) What do you think will be the reaction of Bernie Sanders if he will read an email like this or a line like this…

“…You don’t need to elect Bernie Sanders to get paid to go to school.”.

Note: This is just a part of reviewing or tracking the email messages to inform the readers of related to scams, frauds and email phishing. If your named was used in the email, kindly send an email message to the corresponding address.

Updates: To see the latest post related to this topic, kindly enter your valid email address & get subscription for free. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus


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