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Posted by Grace under Personal Finance on November 1, 2014

There are savings calculator you can use while you are online. Some are mobile apps that you can find on Google play. Here in InvestmentTotal, I inform every reader not just about investment opportunities but also useful financial tools to use such as computing retirement target earning asset, money converter for forex trader, net worth computation and simple ROI calculators that can be use online for free.

Trivia: What is the difference between savings and investments?
Savings are literally money that can put or save in your bank account, in a piggy bank, in a bamboo or even in a jewelry box, these money are not growing but they are safe. On the other side, there is an investment, an investment is an asset (paper asset) that can increase or decrease its value. You are using money to buy asset – cash investment capital such as buying stock shares or bonds.


Going back to the topic, you cannot use an ordinary calculator to calculate your investments or savings, you cannot use an ordinary calculator if you want to compute the return on your invested capital, of course, you need a special financial tool to help you compute your savings and return on investments (ROI). To make things simple, use the savings and investment calculator online.

List of Websites that Has Savings Calculators

Here are the list of websites that has savings calculator that you can use as a financial tool. Some of these websites has also compound interest calculator, so, take advantage of these stuffs.

Website: PlanningTips.com Savings Calculator
Description: This is a simple calculator that lets you start with an amount of money, make regular monthly deposits, and see how much it grows.
URL Link: http://www.planningtips.com/cgi-bin/savings.pl

Website: Bank Rate Savings Calculator
Description: If you have a savings goal, use this calculator to figure out how much you need to save and for how long.
URL Link: http://www.bankrate.com/calculators/savings/saving-goals-calculator.aspx

Website: Finra Tools and Calculators
Description: Use our savings calculator to see how a consistent approach to investing can make your money grow. Whether saving for a house, a car, or other special purchase, the savings calculator will help you determine the right amount to save on a regular basis to achieve your goal.
URL Link: http://apps.finra.org/Calcs/1/Savings

Website: InterestCalculator.org
Description: Easy Savings Calculator. How much money do you have saved right now
URL Link: http://www.interestcalculator.org/savings.php

Website: MoneySuperMarket.com
Description: The calculator can help you understand how long it will take to save a specific amount, or how much you need to save to have enough by a particular date.
URL Link: http://www.moneysupermarket.com/savings/calculator/

I am personally using Money Manager app by Realbyte Inc., you can see the app on Google Play and install it in your mobile phone for free.

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Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the companies mentioned in this page. Business name, business trademarks and logos are owned by their respective companies. Do your own research and investigation if these financial tools can give you an accurate answer especially when calculating your savings and return on your investments.

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