Salary Loan Used to Leverage Money in Mutual Funds Investing

Posted by Grace under Loans on February 19, 2016

Wan t to make money out of leveraging money? Salary loans can be used as your first step in leveraging money in your investments. Did you applied for a salary loan and just bought new gadgets? I know it is very risky if I will invest the money I borrowed. I applied for a salary loan and invest it in mutual funds. Woah. Did I made mistakes? I think so. I am a savvy saver. I consider myself as a savvy saver because I don’t want to lose even a single cents from my hard-earned money.

I applied for a salary loan. And this is what happened…


September 2013 I applied for a salary loan, the loan interest is 7% per year I will pay it for 3 years. You know what, 7%? Is that high enough? I think it’s reasonable.

I invests the money in mutual funds, I prefer to invest it in mutual fund equity type. Wow! After a year, the money I invested gained 15%, that means I make 8% of other people’s money.

Salary Loan Used to Leverage Money in Mutual Funds Investing

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Lessons Learned in Salary Loan

Lesson, if you want to get rich, use the power of leveraging. Leveraging means you can make money out of using other people’s money and time.

  • Use other people’s money; the money I borrowed.
  • Use other people’s time; I am not the one who choose the right investment, it is the fund manager.

What about you? How do you usually used the salary loan? Will you apply for a salary loan for the sake of new electronic gadgets or do you also prefer to invest it like what I did? Let me know your opinion about this.

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