Ways to Create Ripple Wallet Easily (XRP) Online Wallet

Posted by Grace under Investing on August 26, 2017

Ripple wallet can be created online and use it to your internet business or online transactions. There are many articles saying that Ripple price will increase just like the bitcoin BTC. That’s way there are many people who are looking for the best way to create ripple wallet and start collecting ripples.

Buying and trading cryptocurrency can become profitable. When I am checking the price of Ripple, BitCoin to USD and EU, they have big changes in prices.


Take a look at the historical prices of ripple below and see the changes. I am not saying the future prices will go high or low. We don’t offer investing and trading advice here. Make decision for yourself, read reviews, news and some useful information about Ripple (XRP).

Ways to Create Ripple Wallet Easily (XRP) Online Wallet

Sign Up to GateHub. You just need to enter your email and desired password. And then verify your phone. After that, simply upload your identification card and proof of address.

Government id like social security number, driver’s licence, passport or professional ids are advisable. Use bank statement of account or any utility bills like water, electricity in verifying your account.

That’s it, you have now a Ripple wallet. You can deposit Ripple (XRP) in GateHub by using your Ripple Address given by GateHub.

If you have any questions about Ripple (XRP), just leave a comment below. I already created Ripple Wallet using GateHub. I will review GateHub when I have more experience in using its services especially in using Ripple wallet. This Ripple wallet can serve as my online wallet whenever I make money trading cryptocurrencies. Thank you.

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