Richest Man in Canada $25.5 Billion is David Thomson

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Here are the top 10 billionaires in Canada. The richest man in Canada with a net worth of $25.5 Billion is David Thomson with a net worth amounting to $25.5 Billion. David Thomson from Toronto, Canada and his source of wealth is “media”.

Galen Weston has a net worth amounting to $9.6 Billion. He is the owner of Selfridges Group as his source of wealth.


Richest Man in Canada

Rank Billionaire’s Name Net Worth
1 David Thomson $25.5 Billion
2 Galen Weston $9.6 Billion
3 Jim Pattison $7.5 Billion
4 James Irving $6.5 Billion
5 Joseph Tsai $5.9 Billion
6 Loretta Robinson $5.8 Billion
7 Arthur Irving $5.5 Billion
8 Garrett Camp $5.3 Billion
9 Emanuele (Lino) Saputo $4.8 Billion
10 Mark Scheinberg $4.1 Billion

Jim Pattison from Vancover Canada has a net worth amounting to $7.5 Billion. Jim Pattison is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Jim Pattison Group. 

Source: Forbes.Com (Net Worth tracked as of May 11, 2015). See the other names of the richest people in the world now.

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What do you think about David Thomson, what do you think the reasons why did he became the richest man in Canada today? How did he obtain and accumulate his wealth, did he once became an employee, too? Or did he just inherited his wealth from his parents.

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